Finding employment, retirement


Working support, consultation counter

Kitami-shi young man job hunting support center

We provide information about main employment that we intended for and information in high school student, university student, junior college life, technical school student who wish to find work in the city and UJI turn applicants.

The Kitami-shi employment, employment support center (job support came see)

We perform one-stop service such as life, working support consultation, job placement united with "HelloWork Kitami" "job cafe job salon Kitami".

Okhotsk young man support station

We draw "power that begins to act" of young man troubled with working and are support engine mediating between stepping forward to society.

Get along with each other;, as for meeting single-parents, is independence support center

We offer employment support services such as employment consultation that we intended for toward the single-parent homes, employment support class, offer of employment information.

Labor related organizations

HelloWork Internet service

It is retrieval service that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Employment Service Agency provides information of hiring including position offer information.

Job cafe job salon Hokkaido

Targeting at people at high school student, young fellow, old and middle age, we offer use of employment consultation, application correction, PC.

Hokkaido work-style reform promotion support center

It is consultation counters such as personnel management, pay system by expert.

Kitami labor standards supervision station

It is working conditions, safe hygiene, health care of the workplace, consultation counter about workmen's accident compensation insurance.

Kitami pension office

We manage application investigation, collection about pension, consultation, decision, payment and record.

Kitami area vocational training center

We perform ability for occupation development, skill training, skill class.

Kitami-shi worker welfare Service Center

We perform welfare program business for employees working at the city medium and small-sized business.

Pension, National Health Insurance