Pregnancy, delivery

Grant of the maternity nursing record book, pregnant woman medical examination consultation vote

Please make use of it for early health care management after the notification of pregnancy.

The use of obstetrical facilities

This is a system for pregnant women of low income household whom cannot prepare delivery expense for a low income to come to hospital and give birth. 

When a child is born of a member of the National Health Insurance

We introduce the delivery child care lump-sum payment and direct payment system to the medical institution of a delivery child care lump-sum.

Mothers class, parents class

We hold for those becoming a new father and mother.

Baby home all houses visit (hello baby) business

Health nurse or woman chief children's committee visits family having baby and does consultation and reporting of child care.

Each classroom after child birth

Let's study happily about child care together! 


Furtherance relations

Single-parent families support medical expenses

In Kitami-shi, we support a part of medical expenses to modify a medical service under health insurance when one of the family of mother and child family, father and child family and pro-families receive medical treatment at hospitals.


The child medical expenses furtherance

In Kitami-shi, we support a part of medical expenses to affect medical service under health insurance when children from baby to junior high school graduation received medical treatment at hospitals. (but we become a target about junior high student from medical treatment minute in August, 2016.)