The pregnancy, childbirth, child care

"Smiles of child and parent overflowed, waited", and came; see

If uneasy nakoto, trouble of the pregnancy, childbirth, child care may not be identified, please feel free to contact.
Health nurse and counselor think for solution together.

Kitami-shi child care generation inclusion support center

Pregnancy, delivery

| If we know the pregnancy Mothers class, parents class Baby contact business of premama


| The specific infertility treatment costs furtherance business ninshin SOS Woman in childbed public medical checkup After giving birth care business


| Marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, childcare portal site "hug Qum"

Inquiry counter

| Infants health consultation Child care consultation Child development consultation Child home consultation Single-parent consultation


| Various support for single-parent homes Education consultation The young people consultation

Nursery school, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, kindergarten

| Nursery school, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, kindergarten Extended childcare Holiday childcare Remote place, seasonal nursery school


| Night nursery Illness child childcare (illness child-adaptive) Illness child childcare (convalescence child-adaptive)


| Illness child childcare (poor physical condition child-adaptive) Temporary custody business (general model) Temporary custody business (kindergarten type)

Growth and health of child

| Examination of newborn baby hearing Infants medical checkup Vaccination Childcare class, baby food (infant food) classroom


| Fluoride application The development support of child The city medical institution information Sudden illness center night on Kitami-shi holiday

Facilities to play with child, and to be, or to kick

| Child care consultation center Child center, children's house Para-Kids which came Park of Kitami-shi


| Twin meetings Library Warm water pool Tokorocho health warm water pool


| Plaza of Okhotsk tree Came; see; family land Hall, kamurin of aquarium, kamurin of mountain

Child care support service

| Hello baby (baby home all houses visit) business Child care mom refreshment business


| Family support center business Temporary custody business


| Paper diapers for free collection business Car seat for free rental Native of Hokkaido, child care privilege system

Various medical treatments, furtherance

| Delivery child care lump-sum payment The child medical expenses furtherance Payment of nurture medical care The single-parent home medical expenses furtherance


| Children's allowance Child Rearing Allowance Special Child Dependent's Allowance

In the child center, it is elementary and junior high school

| Child center, children's house Child club Friend center Elementary school, junior high school

Guide of child, child care

| Child care smile navigator book "hottomiruku" Child care consultation center communication Sudden illness handbook of child

Child child care plan of Kitami-shi

| Child, child care support new system Child child care support project plan Kitami-shi child, child care meeting

  • We install consultation counter in following five places. Please consult at place that it is easy to use.
    • Child support section (Machikita Odori Building the fourth floor) 0157-25-1137
    • Health Promotion Section (the Kitami-shi health center) 0157-23-8101
    • Tanno general branch office health welfare section 0157-56-4005
    • Tokoro general branch office health welfare section 0152-54-2114
    • Rubeshibe general branch office health welfare section 0157-42-2426
  • Establishment time: From 8:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ※Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, New Year holidays are excluded