September, 2018

Saturday, September 1 Festival, event, event Kitami local production for local consumption Festa 2018 holding
Monday, September 3 Seminar, lecture [finished] "in Kitami becoming me who grant" is held
Seminar, lecture [finished] We hold "founding guide seminar"
Tuesday, September 4 Festival, event, event Day of the 58th sewer
Wednesday, September 5 Disaster, disaster prevention We carry out Kitami-shi disaster prevention general training in 2018.
Friday, September 7 When is going to hold affiliated engine meeting, committee meeting; result About postponement of council for the eleventh Kitami-shi comprehensive plan and specialized section
Wednesday, September 12 Offer About recruitment of assistants for Kitami-shi foreign language (English) instruction
Sunday, September 16 Festival, event, event We accepted "curry and rice marathon of the 33rd sputum" participation and were finished
Festival, event, event [4 controls, and let's do pigeon "poppochan" and selfie of pigeon clock tower "kamurin"!] (Sunday, September 16 from 10:00 to 12:00 (plan))
Festival, event, event [contest (Sunday, September 16 when 1 has neatly, 17th Monday (holiday) 11:00, 13:00 holding)]
Festival, event, event [6.challenge form from member of breeding]
Festival, event, event [finished] Marathon that how is curry and rice marathon of sputum
Festival, event, event [ energy experience society] (Sunday, September 16 10:00 ...)
Monday, September 17 Festival, event, event About holding of 2018 recreational meeting for the aged
Festival, event, event [car flock to work 7! (September 17 Monday (holiday) from 10:00 to 15:00)]
Wednesday, September 19 Offer About recruitment of "metropolitan area market reclamation support conference of processed food" participation companies ※As we reached the number of the recruiters, we closed.
Saturday, September 22 Festival, event, event The 27th Tanno library, the 23rd Tanno town History Folk Museum Festival (finished.)
Thursday, September 27 When is going to hold affiliated engine meeting, committee meeting; result About holding of 2018 third Kitami-shi administration evaluation Committee (was finished)
Sunday, September 30 Offer Guidance of recreation lecture to form spirit in 2018
Festival, event, event We hold the 22nd library Festival
Festival, event, event [finished] News of "Kitami-shi health Festival" holding