May, 2018

Tuesday, May 1 Festival, event, event Social Education Department event, lecture information
Offer Recruitment of social Education Departments information
Offer About recruitment of council for Kitami-shi social welfare open call for participants committees (was finished)
Each section duty About use start of new rotary accompanied with 3, 3.3 center Odori reconstruction work.
Tuesday, May 8 Offer Recruitment of participants of the 2018 "Kitami-shi woman training"
Application, report About "2018 Kitami-shi house Eco repair assistance business"
Wednesday, May 9 Offer About public housing entering application (May offer lottery result)
Sunday, May 13 Festival, event, event We hold parent and child contact experience business "cinematograph party"
Festival, event, event Gathering of 2018 children
Monday, May 14 Offer Staff of 2018 Kitami-shi part-time service part-time service (authorized examination committee office work temporary worker) offer
Tuesday, May 15 Other news Traffic Safety Campaign of the spring holiday making period begins
Wednesday, May 16 Disaster, disaster prevention "We came email @ see" and carry out communication training using "Tokoro autonomous district emergency broadcast system" (report system)!
Sunday, May 20 Festival, event, event About tree-planting ceremony civic in 2018 in the 79th
Tuesday, May 22 Offer We raise host families of polo NAISG City young people visit group
Festival, event, event News of consumers month business
Wednesday, May 23 Offer About recruitment of assistants for Kitami-shi foreign language (English) instruction
Friday, May 25 When is going to hold affiliated engine meeting, committee meeting; result About holding of council for Kitami-shi city planning
Sunday, May 27 Festival, event, event Rubeshibe autonomous district green festival
Monday, May 28 Seminar, lecture We hold "founding guide seminar"
When is going to hold affiliated engine meeting, committee meeting; result We hold council for Kitami-shi medium and small-sized business promotion in the first in 2018