January, 2018

Monday, January 1 Festival, event, event Social Education Department event, lecture information
Offer Recruitment of social Education Departments information
Friday, January 5 Festival, event, event About Lake Tomisato "fresh-water smelt fishing"
Sunday, January 7 Festival, event, event Heisei 30 (Heisei 29) Kitami-shi coming-of-age ceremony
Tuesday, January 9 Offer Recruitment of members of 2018 Kitami-shi special support education support (temporary worker)
Offer Recruitment of elementary and junior high school instructional activity support lecturer Kitami City in 2018 and Kitami City elementary and junior high school special support education activity support lecturers
Offer Recruitment of nurses (temporary worker) for child student needing medical care in 2018
Wednesday, January 10 Offer About recruitment of Kitami-shi school librarians (temporary worker)
Offer News of introduction to 2017 public hall lecture Go lecture
Thursday, January 11 Festival, event, event News of movie "color of wind" special preview recruitment of spectators
Offer Guidance of Kitami-shi doctor study fund loan system
Monday, January 15 Offer Recruitment of temporary workers (absentee vote, early vote office work to affect election)
Tuesday, January 16 Disaster, disaster prevention Suspension of traffic Hodi west 10 road
Wednesday, January 17 Offer Open call for participants of Kitami-shi member of a social education committee
Offer About open call for participants of Kitami-shi library meeting committee
Offer About student offer of teleworker upbringing lecture "3D-CAD operator (BIM) free trial class" for members of society
Friday, January 19 Festival, event, event We hold "Kitami-shi scenery forum"
When is going to hold affiliated engine meeting, committee meeting; result We hold collection of Kitami city history Committee in the tenth in 2017
Saturday, January 20 Seminar, lecture Lecture of the 50th anniversary of federation of NPO corporation Kitami culture foundation
Sunday, January 21 Festival, event, event Under recruitment of 2017 Kitami-shi international exchange - curling experience - participants!
Monday, January 22 Auction information There is baifutsu of recyclable garbage; four cases
Offer Recruitment of introduction to 2017 Hangul Alphabet lecture students
Tuesday, January 23 Offer About recruitment of open call for participants committees of Kitami-shi cultural assets deliberation Committee
Saturday, January 27 Seminar, lecture "Area holds thing - "which there is ... now security/safety academy to protect child from danger
Festival, event, event Aquarium (aquarium of the north earth) extension business of "2018 onneyu hot-spring village snow stories" & mountain
Sunday, January 28 Seminar, lecture News of the 50th town development promotion meet