Welcome! To Tokoro ruins forest

February 26, 2020

Kitami-shi Tokoro ruins forest, official web site
Welcome! To Tokoro ruins forest
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 Large-scale remains group called "the remains of Tokoro" spreads at the Sea of Okhotsk coast of Tokoro area of Kitami-shi, Hokkaido. It is valuable remains where hollow of remains of a dugout that amount to about 2,700 remains even now and is registered as country designated historic spot in elucidating mystery of unique culture - Satsumon culture, Okhotsk culture - which prospered again in ex-Hokkaido because it is important remains.
 In Kitami-shi, we succeeded business of former Tokorocho before merger and carried out investigation into remains of Tokoro and neighboring remains in cooperation with the University of Tokyo department of literature archeology laboratory. We opened in corner of the remains of Tokoro in 1993 (Heisei 5) that "Tokoro ruins forest" disclosed result of such an archeological investigation and conveyed ancient life, culture in history.


About cancellation of the remains of archeology lecture, Tokoro and dugout

 About remains of archeology lecture, Tokoro and dugout "antiquity which we saw from shape of dugout of Shari and the change of the time" (venue: the north network zone Kitami Cultural Center) which we planned on Saturday, March 7, 2020, we will cancel for prevention of infection spread of new model coronavirus. We will tell about future holding possibility once it's been decided.

Tokoro ruins forest: Announcement of reconstruction dugout, rebuilding

The reconstruction houseRebuilding construction of the reconstruction dugout (village, 6 house of Jomon sequel to) of Jomon period sequel to was completed.

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☆Attention ☆  To remains where forest is taken a walk through

 From the end of May to around October, mosquito comes to fly in forest of remains, and we may be attacked every year depending on day by considerably a large quantity of mosquitoes. When you come to forest of remains, we recommend measures such as wearing long-sleeved clothes using protecting against insects spray.


Tokoro ruins forest
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