Garbage separation division and kind (toxic waste)

February 28, 2017


■ Garbage separation division and kind
Please refer to "division dictionary of garbage" for thing which is not published in list.
Toxic waste (free)
You distribute every kind with transparent bag on day of E of "Tokoro autonomous district calendar", and please start.
Used dry cell
Alkaline cell
Manganese battery
Fluorescent tube, electric bulb
Annular fluorescent tube
Direct pipe fluorescent tube
Electric bulb type fluorescent tube
Fluorescent tube, electric bulb
※You put in the case, and please provide to prevent damage. When there is not case, please wrap in newspaper.
Writer chakkaman Mercurial thermometer
※You use up the contents, and please provide.
Mercurial thermometer
※Digital expression is garbage not to burn.
Spray cans
・Cylinder of cassette cooker
・Hair spray
Spray can
Tool for fire extinguishing spray can
※Please start with bag of transparence, semitransparency without pulling the contents.
Tool for fire extinguishing spray can


"Container" of the following is toxic waste (free). Please start to garbage station with "transparence, semitransparent bag".
Kind Classification Remarks
Thinner benzine alcohol
Benzine thinner
White gasoline Oiliness varnish
Gasoline Varnish
Image of bag showing average Cap made of plastic is "other plastics".

Metal cap is "garbage not to burn".

※About the contents which you were not able to use, please ask store.



Tokoro general branch office citizen Environment Division
Person in charge of environmental hygiene
telephone: 0152-54-2115