Gathering of 2018 children

May 1, 2018

Let's enjoy with gathering of 2018 children ... all! sodane! ...

Date and time Sunday, May 13, 2018 from 10:00 to 14:30

Place Kitami civic hall

Gathering of sponsorship children executive committee

Timetable (plan)

  • Opening ceremony

  • Excellent child society commendation

  • Cinematograph society
  • Rice cake making
After ceremony
  • Fair [※ pay that is all of child society of each district and junior high student, fair by high school student leader]

  • Each attraction [kids dance, baton, drum performance, small formation wind music, etc.]

  • Each corner

    • Hero [test ride to fire engine and police car] of living

    • Air land

    • Woodwork

    • Handmade work

    • Scientific experiment

    • Car maintenance promotion society corner

    • Tradition play contact [bean bag, Kendama interchange with all of seniors happily]005-01 .jpg

    • The Boy Scout

    • Wood block

    • Paperwork

    • Children's house corner       Others


Gathering of children state of implementation 


※One week is "child welfare week" every year from "Children's Day" on May 5.

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Youth Division
Person in charge of upbringing
telephone: 0157-33-1846