[handling start of return favor product!] Guidance (hometown tax) of oldness and Kitami support contribution

March 7, 2018



Distance of road extending to east and west is approximately 110km equivalent to distance from Tokyo Station to Hakone.

Four areas that are attractive each, and overflowed of "Rubeshibe" with "Tokoro", Hokkaido's leading hot-spring village, onneyu hot spring where seasonal bright nature and "Kitami" having a certain space city space, rural district very large beautifully are known to as opening "Tanno", production center of scallop of Japan eminence are towns where it was in one.

"We want to support Kitami" accepts thought, "we want to contribute to Kitami what it is" "wants to take good care of oldness and Kitami" as oldness and Kitami support donation.

We look forward to warm support of various places with relationship and various places of all of you and person concerned from much Kitami where it is played an active part in the whole country and various places to "want to know Kitami more" in Kitami-shi.


What is hometown tax?

Hometown tax is system that can receive subtraction of tax about part more than 2,000 yen in total contribution sums in the year in what we contribute to own oldness and the local government which we want to support using approximately 20% as an indication in residence tax that individual pays.

When we contribute, we can appoint "use" of donation by the local government and may get article of each local attractive thank.






1. We apply for contribution


By oldness and application by choice, we can perform the choice of contribution by credit card, bank transfer, postal transfer and return favor product at a time.

 Oldness and choice banner



You report and, after filling out book, mail and send following mails, and please send to Kitami-shi government office plan Finance Department Community Promotion Section by FAX.

You report, and please refer for person needing book over telephones (0157-57-4366).

 In addition, please report so to person needing application of one stop exception application.

Oldness and Kitami support donation application [Excel version: 61KB]     Oldness and Kitami support donation application [PDF version: 15KB] 

[entry example] Oldness and Kitami support donation application [PDF: 48KB]


2. Choice (in people resident in the Kitami suburbs only as for the applicant) of return favor product

About which had contribution more than 10,000 yen in house ino outside Kitami-shi, please choose return favor product.

Please refer for one that cannot read the Internet over telephones.


3. The receipt of money of donation



4. Donation receipt certificate, sending of return favor product


5. Report of donation tax credit

Person filing for tax subtraction in contributed one, please perform final income tax return by donation receipt certificate sent by city.

 In addition, when, from April, 2015, unnecessary salaried employees of final income tax return hold hometown tax,

Structure "hometown tax one stop exception system" that donation subtraction of hometown tax was received even if we did not perform final income tax return was founded.

It is necessary to submit application about application of exception to the local government of each hometown tax ahead when the number of the local governments of hometown tax point holds hometown tax for application of exception within 5 groups.

For more details, please refer to page of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of ↓.


[style downloading]

 Report exception application (for contribution after January 1, 2016) which affects donation tax credit (243KB for PDF)




1-11, Kita-2-johigashi, Kitami-shi Kita-2-jo temporary Government building
Person in charge of Kitami-shi government office plan Finance Department Community Promotion Section area promotion



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About the presentation of return favor product

We present return favor product that had you choose according to contribution amount of money for Kitami suburbs residence which had contribution more than 10,000 yen in one from the following inside.

Case not to be able to look at when have propose, please click link of ↓.

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About inquiry about return favor product

Please perform inquiries about return favor product in the following contact information.

Hometown tax product inquiry center TEL: 0120-977-050

Time in of center: From 9:30 to 18:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and from December 29 to January 3)

Inquiry (email) about hometown tax return favor product: http://www.redhorse-corp.co.jp/furusato_contact/?cd=372072






About the situation of contribution that we had so far

We announce full name of one that had you contribute to Kitami-shi until now. Thank you for supporting Kitami-shi!

List of donors


About support message put to local people sorare (LS Kitami)

List of support messages


Regional Promotion Division
Person in charge of local promotion (hometown tax relations)
telephone: 0157-57-4366
facsimile: 0157-24-1101