Rubeshibe autonomous district: Summary of land ownership investigation and land ownership management business of Rubeshibe district

June 13, 2016

Summary of land ownership investigation and land ownership management business of Rubeshibe district
◎Summary (at the time of business completion) of land ownership investigation business
Former Rubeshibe-cho
Total area of (Rubeshibe autonomous district)
 564.69 km2
Land ownership investigation master plan area  172.32 km2
The start year  1976 (Showa 51)
The completion year  1993 (Heisei 5)
Investigation period  18 years
Surveying method  Number method ": 13 system coordinate system" above the ground
◎Summary of land ownership management business 

  Management of land ownership result after land ownership investigation completion


    ・We introduce unification type GIS (2000)

         ※ We build system using land-register map and land ownership result in figure of basis of GIS


  Surveying Acts revision (pro-land surveying change work enforcement period)
      [contents of revision that is the main pivot]
        ・Pro-land surveying change (the April 1, 2002 enforcement)
            Pro-land surveying ⇒ world land surveying system in Japan
        ・Former Rubeshibe-cho is four years of from 2002 to 17,
            Japanese pro-land surveying land ownership result ⇒ world pro-land surveying result (shift)
◎Document (use document during work enforcement) about pro-land surveying change
     Newly last land surveying result 2000 proposal 040428 .pdf(433KBytes)
     060125 Rubeshibe-cho surveying work manuals. pdf(735KBytes)
     060125 parameter conversion reports. pdf(60.5KBytes)
     Public surveying result coordinate transformation manual (House of geography technical data) accompanied with land surveying result 2000 introduction 
      ※We link to Geographical Survey Institute homepage directly. (PDF 1,415kb)

      ※In surveying work of former Rubeshibe-cho area Rubeshibe-cho community surveying work official regulations "Kitami-shi

    You read in public surveying work official regulations, and please use.


[reference] (we quote from Geographical Survey Institute homepage) 


  Summary (explanation of world pro-land surveying introduction) of world pro-land surveying shift 



  ◎ Surveying that is targeted for cicada dynamic revision application

  Because it is thought that influence that distortion by crustal movement gives to surveying calculation is big so that distance between known points is long, only electronic threshold intends for known point and surveying to do.
  Concrete examples are as follows.
  Basic surveying
     ・Result calculation of electronic threshold
     ・Highly local threshold surveying
     ・Threshold surveying accompanied with country investigation
     ・sankakutenaratame*, restoration surveying
  Public surveying
     ・Surveying to use only electronic threshold (except fuzokuhyo) for among the first grade threshold surveying as known point
          ※Revision parameter should be; and year units from April 1 to next year March 31
            We do with application period, and Geographical Survey Institute updates every year.
            (we apply from January 1, 2010)
  For more details, look at this; to ⇒ Geographical Survey Institute homepage



 Reading, grant of land ownership result


We read land-register map and surveying result and, in each autonomous district of Tanno, Tokoro, Rubeshibe where land ownership investigation is completed and Kitami autonomous district (for each one copy of Misono, Toyota, Nishiainonai, Higashiainonaicho), can issue.


In addition, reading, grants such as land-register map and surveying result are possible as we carry out land ownership investigation in Kitami autonomous district from 2005 and complete land ownership investigation about Higashiainonaicho, Misono and Toyota, for each one copy of Nishiainonai.


In addition, about reading, grant application places such as land-register map and surveying result, it is street of the next table.


Area that we can apply for Application place
City Construction Department land ownership charge

Rubeshibe construction section

Tanno construction section Tokoro construction section
Kitami autonomous district X X
Rubeshibe autonomous district X X
Tanno autonomous district X X X
Tokoro autonomous district X X X




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