We rise in winter of Kitami (the Kitami autonomous district snow removing situation)

October 1, 2018

[Kitami autonomous district]

 If we rise in ... safe winter and are made

 It is ... for better road environment realization



◇Inquiry about the snow removing
  ◎Contact information according to each related organizations and autonomous district
◇About snow removing center
  ◎About summary of snow removing center
◇The snow removing situation
  ◎We understand the snow removing situation of community road
◇Snow sedimentation ground information
  ◎It is established three places in Kitami autonomous district
◇We rise and are planned in winter
  ◎About request and snow removing plan to citizen's all of you
◇Snow removing communication meeting
  ◎Of citizen, supplier, city tripartite, rise in winter, and work on measures



Road Administration Division
telephone: 0157-24-9311