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February 8, 2011



Business of the 40th anniversary of Kitami-shi, Elizabeth city sister city tie-up

 It is at opportunity that hometown of George P Pearson propagator couple who is the first foreigner who lived in Kitami-shi is the United States of America, New Jersey, Elizabeth city
We reached the sister city tie-up 40th anniversary in this June since we exchanged pledge book of sister city tie-up on June 12, 1969 (Showa 44).

Elizabeth city regular

 Elizabeth city regular. jpg


◆George P Pearson propagator coupleMr. and Mrs. Pearson. jpg

[progress of past interchange]
In the case of Sozo Koike studying abroad visit to the United States, Keijiro Takino Mayor Kitami is Pearson in June, 1963
           We ask for message with all respect and thanks for his hometown Elizabeth city
It is arrival of document of the sister city partner acceptance from Dan Mayor Elizabeth in September, 1968
We change pledge book of sister city tie-up through city officials Hiroshi Murata visiting the United States in June, 1969
Mayor Dan. jpg        

         ◆Mayor Dan and Murata who change pledge book


We dispatch Genichiro Ito in Elizabeth city as the first formal representative in April, 1970
Horace B stain couple comes as representative of Elizabeth city for the first time in August, 1971; the north
We send picture (25 points) of primary schoolchild in Kitami-shi to Elizabeth city in March, 1972
In ceremony commemorative for August, 1976 Kitami-shi open group 80 years as acting Mayor Elizabeth
           Health welfare Manager Sumitaku John samei couple attends
     September goodwill visit group and kitakenkohibiki**gakudan are Elizabeth city visits
Brass band performance. jpg      

        ◆Elizabeth city visit concert by kitakenkohibiki**gakudan



We dispatch four state visit groups of the tenth anniversary of sister city tie-up in Elizabeth city in October, 1979

26 November, 1985 third Kitami-shi young man jet training groups are Elizabeth city visits
North American economic inspection team of the 50th anniversary of Kitami Chamber of Commerce and Industry in September, 1990 is Elizabeth city visit
In ceremony commemorative for June, 1991 Kitami-shi open group 1995, municipal organization enforcement 50 years,
           Sister city's vice chairperson John samei couple attends
           (on June 10, 1991 in Elizabeth city with "day of Kitami-shi"
           We bring document to declare)
June, 1994    We include three state visit groups in commemoration of the sister city tie-up 25th anniversary
           24 "wings of Elizabeth friendship" and the seventh Kitami-shi young man jet
           17 training groups are Elizabeth city visits

          Young man jet. jpg    

          ◆The wing, young man jet training group of Elizabeth city friendship



We hold "sister city exhibition" of the 25th anniversary of sister city tie-up in September, 1994
16 Kitami-shi young man jet interns visit Elizabeth city in the eighth in May, 1996
We represent Mayor Elizabeth in commemorative ceremony for Kitami-shi open basis 100 years in July, 1996
           Chairperson at John samei sister city couple attends
     Six Kitami-shi assembly "group Ayumi" is Elizabeth city visits in August
16 Kitami-shi young man jet interns visit Elizabeth city in the ninth in June, 1998

        November    60 Koizumi first graders send Christmas card to Elizabeth city
13 Kitami-shi young man jet interns visit Elizabeth city in the tenth in May, 2000


[summary of business of the 40th anniversary of sister city tie-up]

■Improvement such as photographs of Elizabeth city display corner of Pearson Memorial Hall
We had repair (repair of photograph which faded) of a part of the photograph displayed in Elizabeth city display section in Pearson Memorial Hall the second floor and displayed photograph to introduce recent Elizabeth City to newly.

(July, 2009 enforcement)

Pearson Memorial Hall. jpg
Pearson Memorial Hall green concert of the 40th anniversary of sister city tie-up
Time Saturday, July 4 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Place Pearson Memorial Hall front yard
Appearance center elementary school brass band club North Junior High School brass band club Kitami brass band
      kitakenkohibiki**gakudan folklore band "okonkoro"

Concert. jpg


Signing of confirmation of the 40th anniversary of sister city tie-up
We perform the mayor of both cities, signing of confirmation by Chairperson of municipal assembly to confirm that we promote sister city interchange sequentially

Holding of Elizabeth city fair
We hold event to have citizen's all of you know Elizabeth city widely.

Time from Wednesday, October 14 to Monday, October 19 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Venue-cho main street the fifth floor of the building exhibition space where we came to
Open ceremony Wednesday, October 14 10:00 a.m. ...
kitakenkohibiki**gakudanen*kai Sunday, October 18 1:00 p.m. ...
Display contents
 Photograph panel exhibition corner  
    History introduction of state and interchange of Elizabeth city
    Pearson, Pearson Memorial Hall
 Display, picture corner    
    Souvenir, picture about Elizabeth city
    Elizabeth city, documents about Pearson
    Picture of Elizabeth city kindergartener

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[state of Elizabeth city]      

◆Broad street StationBroad street Station. jpg

◆Boxwood hallBoxwood hall. jpg

◆Union county courtUnion county court. jpg

◆Public libraryLibrary. jpg
Container terminalContainer terminal. jpg

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