About Kitami-shi bridge check result

February 27, 2020

We carry out check of bridge every five years and, in Kitami-shi, diagnose soundness based on "Kitami-shi bridge extension of life repair plan".

About bridge which carried out check, we will announce result.


Please refer to the following for judgment division.

I: Soundly (state that trouble does not produce for function of structure.)

II: Preventive maintenance stage (trouble does not occur for function of structure, but it is in a desirable state to take measures from the viewpoint of preventive maintenance.)

III: Early measures stage (state that trouble may occur for function of structure and should take early measures for.)

IV: Emergency measures stage (state that possibility trouble occurs for function of structure or to produce is remarkably high and should urgently take measures for.)

27, Heisei - 2019 _ bridge check result [PDF: 567KB]



Road Administration Division
Person in charge of maintenance
telephone: 0157-24-9311
facsimile: 0157-24-2316