It recruits open call for participants committees of "Kitami-shi master plans for parks and open spaces development Committee"

October 19, 2018


On October 18, 2018, offer was finished.


◇With master plans for parks and open spaces

 Master plans for parks and open spaces are policies to carry out measure about appropriate maintenance of green tract of land in the city and promotion of tree planting generally and premeditatedly.
 Because "Kitami-shi master plans for parks and open spaces" that they devised in November, 2010 near half of plan period, and social conditions to surround population decline and aging progress, Kitami-shi including diversification of citizen needs greatly change, we are going to perform middle review of plan. It recruits committees to set up "Kitami-shi master plans for parks and open spaces development Committee" in development of plan and review, and to take in opinion of citizen's various places widely.

◇Role of development Committee
   Master plans for parks and open spaces are important plans reflected concretely by execution plan about future green, and development committee taking the development carries important role to direct town development that green of Kitami-shi is rich in.


◇Application requirements
1. One that lives in Kitami-shi and has address.
2. As of April 1, 2018; one 18 years or older.
3. Other council of Kitami-shi and committee which is not committee.
4. Person who is not the staff of Kitami-shi and congressist.
  From day of commission to presentation of plan (plan about December, 2019) 
  Holding of meeting schedules around five times.

It is 3,200 yen about one time of committee holding

Transportation expenses (the amount of expense compensation by rule of city) depending on distance to home

◇Offer capacity
  Less than four people
  Development Committee is comprised of less than 15 people in one that the secretariat recommended from people of learning and experience, recommender from various groups other than open call for participants committee.
◇Application method

 We fill out in around 800 characters, and or mail, e-mail, FAX, please bring the fourth floor of Kita-2-jo temporary Government building (City Planning Division), the fourth floor of main street building (guidance window), matter which wait, and came necessary for application paper attached to each general branch office and short essay (theme "green town development of Kitami-shi") to person in charge of City Planning Division facilities plan.

※In the case of bringing open agency time (from 8:45 to 17:30) except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

  We can download application paper from following PDF, WORD.
  Open call for participants committee application paper and writing paper [PDF: 61KB]
  Open call for participants committee application paper and writing paper [DOC: 53KB]
◇Application period
  From Thursday, October 4, 2018 to Thursday, October 18, 2018 ※On the day postmark is effective
◇Selection method

・We select based on applications which had you submit by selection committee.

・Please note that you do not return applications.

・Selection result will inform all the applicants.

◇Application presentation
  〒090-8501 2, Kita-5-johigashi, Kitami-shi
  Kitami-shi city Construction Department City Planning Division facilities plan person in charge
  TEL: 0157-25-1152 FAX: 0157-25-1207
  (when we are brought, we accept even each general branch office of Tanno, Tokoro, Rubeshibe.)
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City Planning Division
telephone: 0157-25-1152
facsimile: 0157-25-1207