[finished] News of "Kitami-shi health Festival" holding

August 30, 2018

 We hold Kitami-shi health Festival!

This year "health is good! Titled sodane ..., we perform various event things or lectures.   


 Date and time Sunday, September 30, 2018 from 11:30 to 14:30

 Place Kitami civic hall (2-1-10, Tokiwacho, Kitami-shi)

 Application is not necessary. Come casually by all means with your friends.

 Please refer to detailed Health Promotion Section (Phone: 0157-23-8101).

The 27th Kitami-shi health Festival [PDF: 902KB]


 [each corner and event introduction]

  • Civic center 1-6 room, small hall 11:30 ...   

              Oral health consultation corner / medicine and healthy corner / bonesetter society corner / blood sugar measurement corner / my health corner

              Kitami district dietician society corner / emergency care corner / blood donation corner / rehabilitation corner / health check corner

              Nordic events walking corner / Kitami public health center corner / Japanese Red Cross Hokkaido College of Nursing corners

            (at each corner, we actually receive inspection and the measurement other than consultation and display and can experience.)


  • Coliseum    

         Health promotion lecture (application is necessary beforehand) of 10:00 - heart                               

                      Lecturer doctor, writer / Suwa center Hospital honor director Minoru Kamata                             

                      Though "we do not try ... life hard thing - "that we support," "we do not give up" subject 

                            Health promotion lecture of 2018 heart    

                     Health promotion lecture [PDF: 513KB] of 2018 heart    


       Contest commendation ceremony of tooth of 11:40 - elderly person

       12:15 - educational foundation Kurihara school sports plaza evolution private supplementary school dance stage 

       13:15 - laughter yoga

                              Lecturer Keiko Morizane

                              Theme "exercise of body and heart in laughter yoga"


  • Civic center courtyard    12:00 ... (at the time of rainy weather Kitami working youth home (house shoes bringing))

             Radio exercises "health of you who keep up by radio exercises"


  • Foyer (in front of coliseum) 11:30 ...

             Stand (tomuteno forest)

             Direct sales of absent toko, vegetables 







Kitami-shi health Festival venue


Health Promotion Section
telephone: 0157-23-8101