[finished] We hold "business succession seminar"

July 23, 2018


Peak of age distribution of manager in Japan becomes 66 years old, and the government predicts when the large-scale retirement period of hundreds of thousands of people comes in about 2020.

While small company protects financial resources such as various know-how, employees about connection and management with business partner medium and small-sized business, it is demanded that we push forward "business succession" to the next generation smoothly so that continuation will develop business in future.

By this seminar, we arrange time of individual consultation other than the current situation and measures, process of business succession, introduction of support measure. As the first step to connect company in the future, please attend this seminar!


1 date and time

   Wednesday, August 8, 2018 from 14:00 to 16:30

2 venues

   Kitami civic hall (2-1-10, Tokiwacho, Kitami-shi) 

3 contents  

   ・Importance of the current situation and premeditated business succession measures of business succession
   ・Measures and process depending on kind and succession form of business succession
   ・What is what you should pay off on business succession?
   ・Important business succession plan (what you succeed to whom when)
   ・Introduction (tax payment postponement of donation, inheritance tax, share acquisition, financing facility hanging over asset purchases of succeeding candidate) of support measure  

4 lecturers

   White arrow daihyoishisakaikujinshi

   (small and medium size company doctor, social insurance consultant, medium and small-sized business base maintenance mechanism Motobu, Hokkaido business succession coordinator

    General shinkin business succession support network adviser)

5 tuition

   Free of charge

The cosponsorship hosted by 6

   Kitami Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kitami-shi

7 application methods

   You fill out the following application, and apply for Kitami Chamber of Commerce and Industry by FAX.

       Business succession seminar attendance application [PDF: 251KB]

     ■Kitami Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TEL 0157-23-4111 FAX 0157-22-2282)



Commercial Administration Division
Person in charge of medium and small-sized business
telephone: 0157-25-1148