It is attention for fiction request for payment of unpaid rate of video paid from company talking about Kitami-shi consumers damage prevention network meeting news No.72, "the Amazon" in SMS!

July 11, 2018

Kitami-shi consumers damage prevention network meeting news No. 72 (H30 .7.11 line)

We warn imaginary request for payment of unpaid rate of paid video in SMS from company talking about "the Amazon"!
We alert from Consumer Affairs Agency!


Office name of SMS which pretended to be the Amazons
"Amazon" "Amazon Japan" "Amazon customer center"
It seems to be notified by names such as "Amazon support centers".


Fact that Consumer Affairs Agency identified

Contents charges including use of streaming service charges of the existing Amazons become payment in advance method by the credit approval when Consumer Affairs Agency confirms to the actual Amazons. In the case of nonpayment, we do not do notice in SMS, and purchase request of gift coupon seems to bend, too.


Trick of imaginary request with SMS and postcard fans a sense of fear in document to "shift to legal procedure (suit) by the end of today when there is not communication" and is waiting for telephone.
In addition, we let you purchase gift coupon by correspondence of telephone at convenience store, and it is in trick such as letting you convey number of gift coupon and pay the gift coupon price at convenience store.
There is certainly no that the Amazons do purchase request of Amazon gift coupon!
When unpaid notices of paid video site rate and sign-in charges, consumption rate with SMS and postcard come, telephone must never contact.

    Kitami-shi consumer service center (from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 16:00) phone number (0157)-23-4013

     The first floor of Kitami-shi government office Kita-2-jo temporary Government building

Kitami-shi consumers damage prevention network meeting constitution group

More than Principal association of association of Kitami Consumers' Association Kitami, Hokkaido police station Kitami-shi Board of Education Kitami-shi Kitami Student Council society Kitami-shi Council of Social Welfare Kitami-shi golden age club society Kitami-shi local welfare officer meeting Kitami Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kitami-shi shopping district promotion association alliance society Kitami-shi elementary and junior high school society NPO corporation citizen meeting Hokkaido hairdressing life hygiene trade association Kitami branch office Kitami district financial institution crime prevention communication meeting Kitami-shi taxi association Kitami Institute of Technology Hokkaido Local Finance Bureau Kitami branch Kitami-shi that protects "help Kitami-shi Local Elderly Care Management Center communication meeting Kitami-shi living when do not see" 19 groups (random order)


Civic Life Division
Person in charge of consumer life
telephone: 0157-25-1149
facsimile: 0157-57-4011