We raise one where quality of wood pellet stove and supporting system to quality of wood pellet boiler introduction are utilized ※We extend offer period

July 9, 2018

 For the purpose of use expansion and the spread of quality of wood pellets which are new energy as a substitute for fossil fuel which keeps the forest accounting for 66% of administrative areas alive in Kitami-shi, and utilized unused resources such as person ruoga powder from sawing factory, we assist quality of wood pellet stove and quality of wood pellet boiler purchase costs.

 ※Because application during original offer period did not reach the number of furtherance, we extend offer period.


≪About summary of supporting system≫

* Supporting target person

 ・Stove which lives in Kitami-shi, and assumes quality of wood pellet fuel in house or office in the city or boiler (we say "stoves" as follows.) That we purchase this by March 31, 2019 and can establish

 ・People who can cooperate with spread of stoves activity that city asks for about the use situation


* Supporting target expense

 ・The price exclusive of tax of expense required for the purchase such as stoves and setting


* Supporting amount of money

 ・With less than a half of supporting target expense, stove 200,000 yen, boiler 1 million yen are the amount of upper limit


* Others

 ・It is necessary to perform application and supporting application procedure before the purchase such as stoves.

 ・As bulletin, we submit report of the use situation to city.

 ・The period of service life such as stoves is not enacted to buying and selling and advance, security to another person.


≪About application≫

* Offer period

 From Friday, June 1, 2018 to Friday, June 29, 2018

※We extend offer period and accept on first-come-first-served basis within the budget at any time until Thursday, January 31, 2019,

 As we finish acceptance as soon as we reach budget, please consult beforehand to Kitami-shi agriculture and forestry Maintenance Division (TEL: 25-1143).


* Application method

  After filling out matter necessary for the following "application paper", please submit to each application (Kitami-shi agriculture and forestry Maintenance Division or each general branch office industry section) by bringing or mail, FAX.

 In addition, we provide application paper for each application.

  Application paper [PDF: 98KB]

 ※ And, on application, the well top that you are watching would appreciate your applying for "quality of wood pe let stoves in introduction support project subsidy grant summary" the following "instructions" by all means.

  Instructions [PDF: 74KB]      Subsidy grant summary [PDF: 274KB]


* Application, the details

 Person in charge of Kitami-shi government office Agriculture and forestry Marine Products Department agriculture and forestry Maintenance Division forestry promotion

  〒090-0024 4-6, Kita-4-johigashi, Kitami-shi second share Government building

  Phone number (0157) 25-1143 / FAX: (0157) 25-1181

 Person in charge of Tanno general branch office industry section cultivated area Tsutomu Hayashi

  〒099-2192 471-1, Tannocho-2-ku, Kitami-shi

  Phone number (0157) 56-4003 / FAX: (0157) 56-2923

 Person in charge of Tokoro general branch office industry section cultivated area Tsutomu Hayashi

  〒093-0292 Tokorocho, Kitami-shi character Tokoro 323

  Phone number (0152) 54-2140 / FAX: (0152) 54-3887

 Person in charge of Rubeshibe general branch office industry section cultivated area Tsutomu Hayashi

  〒091-8666 61, Rubeshibechokamimachi, Kitami-shi

  Phone number (0157) 42-2430 / FAX: (0157) 42-2500