2018 Kitami town development meeting holding result

July 17, 2018

The number of times The date and time, venue Contents, reference materials Minutes
The first Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Start 18:30
End 22:05
Kitami economy center
Meeting room on the first floor

[the agenda]

  • Town development power support subsidy public examination (presentation)


  • Document [PDF: 16MB]
  • Additional document [PDF: 2MB]
    • Public examination time schedule
    • List of 2018 Kitami town development power support subsidy application
    • End-point and evaluation score standard
    • Supporting coefficient and subsidy calculation (handling point extract)
    • (reference) town development power support subsidy grant summary, the handling point, the application point
    • Proposal, annual activity plan, business budget book, document (13 business)
      • No. 1 came; see; wakkamatsuri
      • No. 2 dream performance society to spread, consolation business
      • Let's heap up No. 3 2019RWC! We will play rugby!
      • No. 4 Okhotsk music Festival IN Kitami 2018
      • No. 5 nijiiro city
      • No. 6 lotus pond, maintenance business of Sakura Garden
      • Chase treasure of No. 7 onion detective corps, family land!
      • No. 8 maid in Okhotsk
      • Business about common knowledge, promotion of No. 9 person with a disability employment
      • Exercise lecture of before childbirth, after giving birth using No. 10 balance ball and lecture
      • No. 11 raised dumb person learning society
      • No. 12 activity welfare work
      • Business to spread understanding of No. 13 kan silence
  • 2018 Kitami town development power support subsidy examination result [PDF: 245KB]

As soon as we hold a meeting [PDF: 43KB]

The minutes point [PDF: 1MB]

The second Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Start 18:30
End 19:20
Kita-2-jo temporary Government building
Conference of a government office room on the third floor

[the agenda]

  • Chairperson, the vice-chairperson election
  • About roles of town development meeting
  • About committee recommendation to various council, committees
    • Kitami-shi welfare transport at cost management meeting
    • Council for Kitami-shi comprehensive plan
    • Kitami-shi capital plan master plan development committee
    • Committees such as Kitami-shi care insurance business plan development


  • Document [PDF: 1MB]
    • Kitami town development meeting committee list
    • Summary of autonomous district
    • With town development meeting
    • Activity of Kitami town development meeting
    • List of Kitami town development power support project adoption
    • About various council, committees

As soon as we hold a meeting [PDF: 52KB]

The minutes point [PDF: 503KB]


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