It recruits "Kitami-shi health promotion promotion meeting committees" (finished)

July 11, 2018

It recruits committees of "Kitami-shi health promotion promotion meeting" to reflect opinion of citizen's all of you in health promotion of Kitami-shi.


1 purpose

We devised Kitami-shi health promotion plan (the third Kitami-shi health promotion plan, Kitami-shi food education promotion plan) to support health promotion of citizen's all of you in Kitami-shi. For accomplishment of this plan, we set up Kitami-shi health promotion promotion meeting and, about approach in administration, area, approach at home, have opinion to committees and manage progress of plan.


2 application methods

After filling out matter necessary for application paper, you send by mail, e-mail or FAX, or please bring directly. (we mail application paper if we can hear from.)

Kitami-shi health promotion promotion meeting committee application paper [DOC: 51KB]


3 application periods : It must arrive until from Wednesday, June 20, 2018 to Tuesday, July 10


4 application requirements

・Person who is interested in health promotion

・One having address in Kitami-shi or person who works in Kitami-shi, and goes to school

・It is one 20 years or older as of April 1

・Person who is not the staff or the member of Kitami-shi city assembly


The subscription for 5 number of people : Less than two people


6 term : From commission day two years (is going to entrust in the beginning of August)


We plan holding in around two times a year of 7 meetings (by night).


About 8 reward once holding 3,200 yen (road supply according to transportation expenses)


9 selection methods 

・We select based on reports which had you submit in selection committee.

・Selection result will inform applicant in the middle of July.


10 application, reference 

Kitami-shi Health and Welfare Department Health Promotion Section 0157-23-8101 













Health Promotion Section
telephone: 0157-23-8101