The second came; see, and introduce work-life balance authorization office

June 29, 2018

Man and woman who can take harmony of work and life in Kitami-shi wrestles in workplace environment creation which is easy to work lively together positively

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     Third stage authorized mark   

This authorized offices are as follows. (authorized number is consecutive numbers from authorized office in 2017)

When "name of office" has link, detailed introduction is seen when we click.      

Authorized number Name of office Authorized stage The number of stars
18 The Kitami Red Cross hospital The third stage ☆☆☆
19 kitamirai agricultural cooperative The third stage ☆☆☆
20 terube The third stage ☆☆☆
21 Japan system financing government finance company Kitami Branch The third stage ☆☆☆
22 Nets Toyota Kitami The third stage ☆☆☆
23 Hokkaido Bank (Kitami Branch, Kitami ton denshiten) The third stage ☆☆☆
24 Hokkaido workers' credit union Kitami Branch The third stage ☆☆☆
25 Meiji Yasuda Mutual Life Insurance Co. Kushiro branch office Kitami Office The third stage ☆☆☆
26 RIM The third stage ☆☆☆
27 Igarashi Kensetsu The second stage ☆☆
28 F zone The second stage ☆☆
29 Came; see; city business and industry society The second stage ☆☆
30 Company Japan to consult for The second stage ☆☆
31 Nissen consecutive Nic Corporation The second stage ☆☆
32 Polestar construction of public works The second stage ☆☆
33 Machizukuri Kitami Co.,Ltd The second stage ☆☆
34 Matsubara newspaper store The second stage ☆☆
35 Non profit organization workfare The second stage ☆☆


     Second stage authorized mark

The second came; saw, and certificate investiture of work-life balance authorization office was held

Came in April 27, 2018, Kitami art culture hall size laboratory the second in 2018; see; of work-life balance authorization office

Certificate investiture was held.

H30_ work-life balance authorization investiture photograph



Civic Life Division
Gender equality
telephone: 0157-25-1149
facsimile: 0157-57-4011