"We came email @ see" and carry out communication examination using "Tokoro autonomous district emergency broadcast system" (report system)!

February 13, 2019

Communication examination


The enforcement date and time: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 about 11:00 a.m. (delivery, broadcast launch)


 In Kitami-shi, we participate in communication examination through national second warning system (J-ALERT) which country performs simultaneously nationwide.


   ◆ "We came email @ see", and email for examination is delivered to ni registered people automatically.


    ☞ (going to deliver contents)

      "This is test of J alert."


   ◆ By the Tokoro autonomous district emergency broadcast system (report system) outdoors amplification child station, we examine and broadcast. 

                   *ta to be surprised atReport system outdoors speaker

    ☞ (going to broadcast contents)

      1. Up 4 sound chime

      2."This is test of J alert." *3 time

      3."bosaitokorodesu as for this."

      4. Descent 4 sound chime


"Came email @, see"; henogo registration!

Came email @;, in the one that is not registered, registration, please by all means to see!

   Came email @; see; logo ⇐ Registration method can confirm when we click!


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