[Kitami-shi trust business] Child yukata kimono dressmaking classroom (spring part)

April 23, 2018

Do you not make yukata of child for summer?


  • Date    All ten times between from Friday, May 11, 2018 to Monday, June 11

              Time Monday, Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 

              ※On the detailed date, please see poster.

  • Place    House (center for women) of woman committing Kitami-shi
  • Object    Protector of child who is lower than primary schoolchild
  • Capacity    Ten sets (we draw lots at a lot of application)
  • Entrance fee    Free of charge
  • Belonging    Sewing set
  • Others    There is day care
  • Business-centered "artisan" kitamino society
  • Application    It is reception desk (0157) 25-5628 by telephone, FAX

               To "artisan" kitamino society Mitsue Endo


    (until application deadline Sunday, May 6)


2018 yukata kimono dressmaking classroom (spring part) poster [PDF: 515KB]





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