Twin meetings

May 24, 2019

As the making of opportunity of interchange between mothers having twins, we hold once a month.

"Such time is the most cute!" "Convenient childcare goods only by twins? ?"

"What kind of life will be waiting for after giving birth…A lot of this and that listen to "♪


・Place: Koizumi child care consultation center

   (6-7-13, Shunkochou Koizumi nursery school juxtaposition ☎26-7867)


・Contents: Joyride time with child by nursery staff

    Exchange meeting with moms bringing up twins


*Pregnant woman can participate, too. Childbirth ・ more pregnant than senior mom during child care of twins

 Do you not hear what you want to know during the pregnancy including story of childcare? ?


*When it is entered, and child is not brought, participation only for protector is all right, too.

Schedule is this↓↓

Meeting guidance [PDF: 151KB] of twins






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