About "Kitami-shi house Eco repair assistance business in 2018" [the application reception desk end]

August 30, 2018


2018 Kitami-shi house Eco repair assistance business

(Kitami-shi Ministry of Housing energy barrier-free repair assistance business)

[about the application reception desk end]

(August 30, 2018 update)

Of the formation and city industry of house stock that we promote maintenance of comfortable living environment for reduction and security, relief of environmental load in Kitami-shi and have a high quality

For the purpose of planning activation, we assist some existing houses for saving energy and barrier-free repair work costs to be concerned with becoming.


 □ The application situation [the reception desk end]

 We extended application period of 2018 and raised again,


[August 30, 2018] We have this,

Because we reached the amount of budget, we finished application acceptance.


In addition, about construction completion report, submit by Friday, January 25, 2019

We hope that we give.

 ※Not being able to issue subsidy when presentation of construction completion report is not accomplished by date

  As there is, please be careful.


 Summary of supporting system

●Main condition of target person, target house

Person, house where we raise next, and izuniremo corresponds to

1.House which citizen owns in the city, and corresponds to any of the following

  ・In house adapting to Building Standard Act (1950 law 201st), we continue living by oneself

  ・In detached residence that the residence to adapt to space house Building Standard Act is not accomplished, we own oneself or purchase,

         We live by oneself before we submit completion report (but non-entering is excluded after the building)

2.Do not be behind with city taxes

3.Person who was past, and accepted subsidy of Kitami-shi house reform furtherance business based on the Kitami-shi house repair promotion furtherance regulations,

  House dehanaikotokoto

4.What can promise definitely that it inflects about construction part that we utilize the subsidy concerned and repaired for ten years

※We cannot apply for Kitami-shi house Eco repair assistance business which accepted subsidy of 2017 from 26, Heisei.


●Main condition of construction supplier

Person who raises next, and corresponds to all

1.Person who has office, office in the city, and runs construction industry

2.Person not to entrust with all repair work elsewhere

3.Kitami-shi competitive bidding participation qualified person, Kitami-shi small scale repair contract applicant or person who is doing qualification registration of construction supplier based on summary


●Supporting target construction

[energy saving repair (insulation) construction]

・Insulation repair work of opening (window, entrance door)

・Insulation repair work of roof, ceiling

・Insulation repair work of wall

・Insulation repair work of floor

※"Target construction criterion" (supporting standard) that energy saving standard (Kitami-shi establishes.

[energy saving repair (facilities) construction]

・Setting (EcoCute) of natural refrigerant heat pump-style electric hot water supply device

・Setting (eco-jaws Eco feel) of latent heat collection type hot water supply device

・Setting (LED lighting equipment) of high efficiency lighting equipment

※Supporting "target construction criterion."

[barrier-free repair work]

・Widening of passages

・Improvement of stairs

・Improvement of bathroom

・Improvement of rest room

・Setting of handrail

・Cancellation of step

・Improvement of door of doorway

・Improvement to grippy floor

・Setting of protection from the wind room

※Supporting "target construction criterion."


●Supporting rate, supporting ceiling

○Saving energy, barrier-free to intend for shall be more than 300,000 yen (consumption taxes are excluded) in net total of repair work expense of becoming.

○We actually do supporting target construction cost with the total of either sum that there is few of the amount of standard that city establishes with repair work expense that it cost.

○We set a ceiling of 20%, 200,000 yen of supporting target construction cost (less than 1,000 yen cut off).



1.Construction that we have already started at new construction and application is inapplicable.

2.Construction expense to use together with other furtherance of country, Hokkaido or Kitami-shi is inapplicable.

 (we carry out in ※ country "reform promotion business is included in this item long-term excellent house".)

3.Expense to correspond to investigation, design costs, industrial waste transportation processing costs is inapplicable.

4.Reduction of reduction of taxes system and property tax of country uses together with assistance and can receive. But it is necessary to meet condition targeted for reductions of taxes.

5.I would like the presentation such as identifications of identification to confirm that it is (we include agent), the person made application submission of documents at window to prevent protection of personal information or unjust report when we apply and file.

For more details, please confirm than the following.



 Application, inquiry

Kitami-shi city Construction Department construction Facility Planning Division security promotion person in charge

〒The fourth floor of 090-8501 1-11, Kita-2-johigashi, Kitami-shi Kitami-shi government office Kita-2-jo temporary Government building

 (TEL: 0157-25-1154 FAX: 0157-25-1207)


 Brochure, application

Brochure, application is installed in the Kitami-shi government office construction Facility Planning Division and each general branch office window.

In addition, you download from the following, and please use.




The brochure -H30 year [PDF: 660KB]

・Target construction criterion

The construction criterion -H30 year [PDF: 804KB]

・Guide of application documents making

The guide -H30 year [PDF: 1019KB] of application documents making

・How to take picture of photographs (reference materials)

The how to take picture of photographs -H30 year [PDF: 434KB]

●Supporting applications

・Grant application (summary style second)

Subsidy grant application [DOC: 84KB]

Subsidy grant application [PDF: 158KB]

・Various styles (from summary style first, 3 12)

Various styles [DOC: 143KB]

Various styles [PDF: 327KB]

・Proposal book about supporting application [proxy] (point style third)

Proposal book about supporting application [DOC: 51KB]

Proposal book about supporting application [PDF: 97KB]

●Qualification registration applications 

・Qualification registration application (point style first)

Qualification registration application [DOC: 53KB]

Qualification registration application [PDF: 125KB]

・Qualification registration change application (point style second)

Qualification registration change application [DOC: 51KB]

Qualification registration change application [PDF: 112KB]


 Qualification registration company list

 Qualification registration company list -H30 (as of August 15) [PDF: 96KB]

※We make based on application of company, and this qualification registration company list is released and does not guarantee that it is excellent supplier.


The construction Facility Planning Division
Person in charge of safe promotion
telephone: 0157-25-1154
facsimile: 0157-25-1154