We accepted "curry and rice marathon of the 33rd sputum" participation and were finished

July 10, 2018

Curry and rice marathon start looks

      Curry and rice marathon 3           Curry and rice marathon 2

    Participation acceptance of curry and rice marathon of sputum was finished in 2018 (the 33rd).


      Thank you for the applications more than each places of the whole country.

       We finished participation acceptance at 17:00 on Friday, July 6. As we had many applications, it became lottery.

       We will tell about lottery result with shipment in the middle of July.

  2018 curry marathon flyers list [PDF: 935KB]                         2018 curry marathon flyer backs [PDF: 373KB]   

 1 date / Sunday, September 16, 2018

 Around forest Park baseball field of 2 place / Tanno-cho colonial soldier-settlement (471, Tannocho-2-ku, Kitami-shi)

 But number of the subscription for 3 teams /200 team (one set of four people) should be lottery when we exceed 200 teams.

 Five days from subscription for 4 period / Monday, July 2, 2018 9:00 a.m. to Friday, July 6 5:00 p.m.

 After filling out matter necessary for 5 application method / participation applications, apply to the executive committee secretariat.

   ◆Participation application, please use prescribed style (flyer and the following application).

                     For 33 times of application nets [XLS: 46KB]                          33 times of applications [PDF: 422KB]   

       ◆We do sending method of participation application with one of window bringing, mail, the FAX (as for the E-mail, impossible).    

   ◆Application should be one share of one team.

     In addition, please be careful when the same person joins plural teams as you invalidate.   

 Decision method (when application team is beyond 200 teams) of 6 participation team

   ◆It is decided by fair lottery under executive committee officer call.

   ◆After the lottery, we will tell about lottery result by mail (going to notify by the end of July.)

   ◆Team where we won, please deposit participation fees in designated account by mention method of successful notice by designated date.

    ◆If the receipt of money is confirmed, it is entry completion. There was sending by notice of entry completion (we decide team number) from the secretariat

    We do.

 About 7 waiting for a cancellation

   ◆We can hope for waiting for a cancellation at the time of application. Please fill in application with presence desired.

   ◆About raising participation decision team from "team in hope of waiting for a cancellation", it is representative on Monday, July 30

We      pass and call and contact. When we do not get communication on the day, we bring forward, and participation shifts to different team.

 There is not 8 participation qualification / in particular (as for the wheelchair runner, possible). But there are no measurement, order of time.

 9 participation fee /1 team 5,000 yen

10 events /Disguise contest (we propose at the time of disguise, purse 90,000 yen, participation application with all the teams together)

            ※ We cannot direct BGM during disguise contest.

             33 times of disguise contests [DOC: 53KB]                33 times of disguise contest essential points [PDF: 372KB]

       Curry size bite contest (we propose at the time of decision, purse 70,000 yen, participation application by for each ten men's and women's lotteries together)

          33 times of gluttony contest essential points [DOC: 71KB]          33 times of gluttony contest essential points [PDF: 428KB]

        There are attraction, lottery, fun booth by the support companies

11 aid information / water supply is one place in each course

12 applications and reference

  〒The scholar of 099-2102 471-6, Tannocho-2-ku, Kitami-shi, Hokkaido Tannocho, Kitami-shi agriculture training center

  It is addressed to "the curry and rice marathon executive committee secretariat of sputum"

  FAX 0157-56-3898 for application sending / Secretariat phone number 0157-56-3100 ※Weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00 (excluded on Saturday and Sunday)



Tanno education office Lifelong Learning Division
Person in charge of social physical education
telephone: 56-3100
facsimile: 56-3898