Woman achievement promotion seminar "your work-life balance" holds o

December 12, 2018

 Because, in a variety of lifestyles, man and woman lives a substantial life together,

 "Work-life balance" that saw from each viewpoint individually (harmony of work and life)

 You are assigned to this, and do you not talk together?



 Saturday, January 19, 2019 from 14:00 to 15:30 (from opening 13:30)


 Kitami civic hall Room 5 (2-1-10, Tokiwacho, Kitami-shi)

   It is group about work-life balance (harmony of work and life),
 It is viewpoint of "the workplace" and "home, area" what is necessary so that woman in particular becomes easy to work
 We talk.


When capacity can still afford, on the day  30 people (the first application order) have participation, too.

Entrance fee

  Free of charge  ※By hope, we accept day care. Please apply beforehand.

Application method

 By Friday, January 11, do you have you transmit by FAX by seminar participation application of the following guidance flyer?

 Apply by telephone or E-mail.

  Seminar application [PDF: 34KB]

  Seminar flyer 1 [PDF: 398KB]  Seminar flyer 2 [PDF: 315KB]


  Person in charge of Kitami-shi citizen Environment Department Civic Life Division gender equality

  telephone: 0157-25-1149 FAX: 0157-57-4011     

    E-mail: shiminseikatsu@city.kitami.lg.jp



Seminar venue


Civic Life Division
Person in charge of gender equality
telephone: 0157-25-1149
facsimile: 0157-57-4011