Let's know Tanno rediscovery lecture ...! Let's talk! History ... (finished) of Tanno

February 23, 2018

From February 17 13:30,
In the second floor of Tanno library, seeing and hearing room,
"Let's know Tanno rediscovery lecture ...! Let's talk! We held history ... of Tanno.

We make editorial board member, Kenichi Ishii lecturer in the Kitami-shi history,
We knew modern times from reclamation of town of Tanno and became lecture to talk about.


Lecture 1


From lecturer,
Introduction of past Tanno book of a village's history, history book about the town,
State at the time of reclamation of town of Tanno,
As for the beginnings of Tanno or railroad, electricity of Notsuke cow,
We were able to hear various history gleanings.

In addition, from participant
"There was that there" "did something like this as winter play"
Recollections were talked about, and it was a time of peaceful lecture.

Ishii, lecturers who participated, thank you!

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