About recruitment of registration statistics investigators

February 1, 2018

 In Kitami-shi, it recruits hoping for registration as statistics investigator engaging in statistics investigation that country and Hokkaido carry out. As you accept application at any time, please feel free to contact.


*What is statistics investigator?

 Statistics investigation includes various investigations into national censuses based on statistical law, and about 2-3 kinds of statistics investigations are carried out a year. We visit subjects of survey of these various statistics investigations and say questionnaire having you do distribution, collection with statistics investigator. As a result of having been provided in statistics investigation, it is used as important document on a lot of country and local public entity planning administrative measure, and drawing up.

*What is registration investigator system?

 When we carry out statistics investigation, it is necessary and chooses the number of people that we accepted from person registering beforehand and has you engage as statistics investigator. There is communication from city when we register when we carry out investigation.

*Registration qualification of investigator

Only person fulfilling all next conditions can register.

(1) City residence or activity in the city is possible;; one 20 years or older

(2) One where health, physical strength that can only accomplish investigation office work with responsibility till the last is confident of

(3) One that can keep secret that we were able to know by investigation

(4) One that has nothing to do with tax practice, the police, election directly

(5) One that does not belong to gang and antisocial power

*Work contents of investigator

 Work of statistics investigator varies according to investigations, but we visit after having generally grasped the situation of office and household in investigation ward in charge of and explain distribution and investigation contents of questionnaire and get understanding and cooperation. We submit to city halls afterwards after visiting again on day when we promised, and collecting questionnaire, and having made check, rearranging, account book. Main procedures are as follows.

(1) Attendance to investigator briefing session

(2) Enough understanding of purpose, method of investigation

(3) Confirmation of investigation ward to take charge of and local characteristic understanding

(4) Grasp of subjects of survey (office, household) and explanation of investigation contents and cooperation request

(5) Distribution of questionnaire and promise of collection day

(6) Collection and check, supplement, rearranging of questionnaire

*Investigator reward

 Reward determined by every each investigation is paid.
 ※We take charge of investigation contents, and amount of money of reward varies according to the number.


*Social position of investigator

 We establish period each each investigation enforcement and are appointed as public employee of part-time service. It is degree for 2-3 months during appointment period.


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