Let's learn "sushi of cuttlefish"

January 12, 2018

Do you know protectors, many everybodies of opportunity to contact child, "sushi of cuttlefish?" This is motto which we summarized promise for child not to be rolled up in crime in not "hand-rolled sushi of cuttlefish". Let's learn "sushi of cuttlefish" in all local.



[cuttlefish] We do not go

▶ We do not follow person not to know

▶ We do not go to dangerous place

] of [ It does not appear

▶ We do not get on invitation of person not to know

▶ We do not get into car of person not to know

[] We cry in loud voice

▶ We cry in loud voice if dangerous

▶ We cry in loud voice if scared

[do] We escape immediately

▶ We run away to place where there is person immediately

▶ We run away to house nearby immediately

[do] Inform

▶ We tell adult of the circumference




"Suppose of cuttlefish"; and motto



Learn in picture-story show; "suppose of cuttlefish" and

And "we suppose ~ of hanachannokaerimichi - cuttlefish"


Incorporated administrative agency Japan sports promotion center

Than school security Web and "suppose ... of security measures picture-story show hanachannokaerimichi - cuttlefish" reproduction


[picture-story show (paper print)]

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