Open call for participants of Kitami-shi member of a social education committee

January 9, 2018

 We invite public participation for Kitami-shi member of a social education committee to let promotion measure of social education reflect citizen's opinion more widely.


Meeting We hold at the daytime on weekdays (we perform by around five times a year, principle exhibition)
Term From Monday, March 5, 2018 to Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Reward It is 3,200 yen (when over three hours 6,400 yen) and transportation expense in one time of meeting within three hours
The offer number of people Two people
Qualifications One that meets all the next requirements
1. As of January 1; one 20 years or older
2. One that has address in Kitami-shi
3. Person who is not the staff, congressist of Kitami-shi
4. Other council which is not committee which Kitami-shi sets up
Offer period From Wednesday, January 17 to Wednesday, January 31 (must arrive)
Selection method We select by application and notify all the applicants of selection result
Application After filling out matter necessary for application paper, you send by mail (zip code 099-2194, address: the second floor of 471-1, Tannocho-2-ku, Kitami-shi Tanno general branch office), email or FAX to Lifelong Learning Division, or please bring directly
(we set up in Lifelong Learning Division, the fourth floor of the Machikita Odori Building Government building guidance, general branch office, branch, branch office, education office, Public Service Center whether application paper has you download from the following)
Application paper Open call for participants common knowledge flyer 2018 [PDF: 148KB]
Application paper 2018 [PDF: 131KB]
Application paper 2018 [DOC: 72KB]


Detailed Lifelong Learning Division telephone (0157-33-1839) FAX (0157-33-1759) E-mail:




Lifelong Learning Division
Person in charge of general affairs
telephone: 0157-33-1839
facsimile: 0157-33-1759