It recruits installers of vending machine by open call for participants (the end)

February 19, 2018

※Offer was finished.

 ・About result of vending machine installer open call for participants


 In Kitami-shi, we invite public participation for vending machine installer in the following facilities.


Article number Facilities name The location Sale item Setting drawing
Central library 1 Kitami City central library 1-2-21, Izumicho, Kitami-shi Cooling drinks Drawing 1(271KBytes)
Central library 2 Cooling drinks
Central library 3 Ice cream
Warm water pool 1 Kitami citizen warm water pool 8-1, Odorihigashi, Kitami-shi Cooling drinks Drawing 2(239KBytes)
Warm water pool 2 Ice cream
Warm water pool 3 Cooling drinks
Skating 1 Kitami citizen skating rink 4-1, Kouyocho, Kitami-shi Cooling drinks Drawing 3(94KBytes)
Plaza 1 which falls, huh Plaza that Kitami-shi falls more 84-2, Rubeshibechoazumamachi, Kitami-shi Cooling drinks Drawing 4(111KBytes)
Nishi-ku inhabitants center 1 Rubeshibe Nishi-ku inhabitants center 171-3, Rubeshibechoasahi-1-ku, Kitami-shi Cooling drinks Drawing 5(96KBytes)
Rubeshibe library 1 Rubeshibe library 97-4, Rubeshibechonakamachi, Kitami-shi Cooling drinks Drawing 6(368KBytes)

●Reception desk period

From Thursday, January 25, 2018 to Tuesday, February 13, 2018

●Open call for participants participation condition

 We decide to meet all requirements to advocate to each next issue.
1.Do not be person who does not get restoration in adult ward and cover conservator and bankrupts.
2.Do not be person who does not pass in gang to prescribe in law (1991 law 77th) Article 2 Clause 2 about prevention of unfair act by gangster, gangster to prescribe to the article sixth or gangsters in five years from lost day.
3.There not being nonpayment such as city taxes.
4.In the past, have the results of vending machine setting.
5.Being group following corporation (possible in the head office, branch or the office) having address in Kitami-shi or it or individual.


 In addition, you read contents of enforcement summary and offer essential point well, and apply for one participating in this open call for participants.

◆Summary about vending machine setting in municipal ownership facilities of Kitami-shi Enforcement summary (172KBytes)
◆Recruitment of Kitami-shi vending machine installers essential point Offer essential point (278KBytes)
◆About questions and answers Questions and answers (97KBytes)
◆List of offer articles List of offer articles (91KBytes)
◆List of sales number List of sales number (54KBytes)
◆Application application and setting charges proposal (style 1) Application and proposal (87KBytes) Application and proposal (20KBytes)
◆Proxy (style 4) Proxy (52KBytes) Proxy (16KBytes)
◆Permission to use administrative property application (style 2) Licensing application (88KBytes) Licensing application (26KBytes)
◆Sales report (style 3) Sales report (76KBytes) Sales report (13KBytes)

   ※In open call for participants participation application, it is not necessary to submit.


[reference about open call for participants]
 2-9-1, Sakuramachi, Kitami-shi Sakuracho temporary Government building
 Person in charge of Kitami-shi general affairs department assets management section assets management
 TEL: 0157-33-1129 FAX, 0157-25-6932

※Please inform department in charge of attachment "list of offer articles" of inquiry about offer article.