About Lake Tomisato "fresh-water smelt fishing" (news of the end)

March 9, 2018

   Thank you for your ... visit that fresh-water smelt fishing of ... this year was finished on Friday, March 9

   [danger] Because temperature rises, please do not get on on the ice


   In Lake Tomisato Shinrinkoen, we start "fresh-water smelt fishing" carrying out on Thursday, January 5 every year. (rate is free.)


  • Place      Lake Tomisato (Lake Tomisato Shinrinkoen side Fusato, Kitami-shi)


  • Period      Until from Friday, January 5, 2018 to 2018 about the middle of March 

                (it is decided by state of ice on end day and will tell.)


  • Time      From 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


  • Reference      ・Lake Tomisato Shinrinkoen management ridge (designated manager: Kitami wide area forestry owners' association) 

                  telephone: 0157-33-2520

                 ・Kitami-shi city Construction Department Parks and Greenery Section

                  telephone: 0157-25-1139


              ○Car will park in parking lot by all means.

                   In addition, we manage not to encounter accident and theft, and let's confirm that we wear locking and valuables of car.

              ○Let's do fishing in place appointed by all means.

               Let's stop dangerous act including entrance to surface of a lake that we exceed setting rope.

              ○Adult, please attend child in particular by all means.

              ○Please do not damage lake, river, the forest and structure.

              ○Please take all garbage, cigarette butt, empty can, fish which you caught home with you.

               I would like cooperation for lake and neighboring beautification.

              ○Let's pay scrupulous attention to carbon monoxide poisoning in tent.

               In addition, let's keep moderate ventilation in tent in mind for accident prevention.

              ○Restroom, please use restroom of management ridge.

              ○Please obey instructions of manager by all means.

              ○Please note that you may close fishing ground without notice including case that manager cannot arrive at the field by wild weather, traffic condition.




"Let's follow manner so that fishing is made fun."





Word concerned


Parks and Greenery Section
telephone: 0157-25-1139
facsimile: 0157-25-1262