We held "Kitami-shi scenery forum"

January 25, 2018

Photograph 4

◇◆◇ Leaflet is this ◇◆◇  


 We held "Kitami-shi scenery forum" as follows to have citizen's all of you deepen understanding and interest in scenery town development.

 Much participation, thank you. (approximately 45)


◇ On the date 

  From Friday, January 19, 2018 14:00 (around two hours)


◇ Place

  The first floor of the Kitami City central library multi-purpose seeing and hearing room (1-2-21, Izumicho, Kitami-shi)

    Kitami City central library _ map


◇ Lecturer

Member of   Shigenori Sato Japan Photographers Society


◇ Program

  * The third Kitami-shi scenery photo contest commendation ceremony

  * Lecture (Shigenori Sato)

    ・Scenery of Kitami-shi to look at in photograph

    ・Scenery of Kitami-shi to learn from scenery of other municipalities


◇ Others

  Participation is free.


◇ Sponsorship



◇ Contact

  〒090-8501 1-11, Kita-2-johigashi, Kitami-shi

  The fourth floor of Kitami-shi government office Kita-2-jo temporary Government building (the old Kitami Shinkin Bank head office)

    City Construction Department City Planning Division  

        telephone:         0157-25-1152

        FAX         0157-25-1207

        E-Mail address    toshikei@city.kitami.lg.jp