When ballistic missile may come flying, we sound firefighting siren.

December 22, 2017

 When ballistic missile is fired and may come flying in Japan, the government urgently conveys urgent information through breaking news email and TV, radio using J alert (national second warning system).

 "We came email @, in city, see" and perform communication using ya "emergency broadcast system" (some Tokoro autonomous districts), but, in addition, will sound siren of point following than January 1, 2018 in these in future.

Setting point and banging of siren

 We sound siren (28 places) of setting once in firefighting team crew rooms for 60 seconds.


Kitami autonomous district (eight places) East Aiuchi, Aiuchi, Toyota, top Tokoro, jinkoro, Kaminikoro, Tomisato, Tomisato Dam
Tanno autonomous district (11 places) One ward, Tanno, three wards, Kawamukai, Kyowa, Tadashi, Toyomi (two places), the north up in fire department Tanno branch, scarlet cow
Tokoro autonomous district (four places) Fire department Tokoro branch, Sakaeura, Toyokawa, Hiyoshi
Rubeshibe autonomous district (five places) Fire department Rubeshibe branch, Nakacho, Onneyu Onsen, Yamato, Mizuho


About action that you should take when ballistic missile fall is possible

kokuminhogoCabinet Secretariat nation protection portal site (about action at the time of ballistic missile fall)


 Page is displayed when we click ← about Kitami-shi homepage "action and communication system at the time of ballistic missile fall".


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 Other than urgent information, we deliver snow removing information.

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