About holding of council for the 17th Kitami-shi tree planting

January 21, 2019

We hold council for the 17th Kitami-shi tree planting in the following schedule.


         From Wednesday, January 23, 2019 2:00 p.m.


         Kitami City central library multi-purpose seeing and hearing room



           1.About designated cancellation of report matter (1) preservation forest

                    (2) About findings of preservation forest

           2.About topic for discussion (1) preserved trees, designated update of preservation forest

                                        (2) About roadside tree planting of city planning road



With council for Kitami-shi tree planting

       We plan nature which green is rich in by protecting green, and making green, and raising green and maintenance of living environment which we can touch

       Of living a life that is cultural, and is healthy and comfortable civic in thing Kitami to find, people of learning and experience, expert, open call for participants committee

       Equal niyotte is the council constituting.

About hearing

  •  Person in hope of hearing, please fill in observer card to install in meeting room entrance with name and address.

      (we accept for 30 minutes of meeting start time)

  •  Observer observes the next matter, and you are silent, and please observe.

      ・Do not express the right or wrong by applause or other methods openly.

      ・Whisper, discussion, hoka, loud laughter and others do not raise a clamor.

      ・As for headband, armband, wearing, flag, placard, handbills such as cords, distribution of thing which is similar to these poster or other or the notice,

       Do not do arbitrary act.

      ・Do not do eating and drinking, action to be a nuisance to other observers including smoking.

      ・Do not do photography, recording, recording without receiving permission beforehand.

      ・Do not do act disturbs order of other meetings or to become interference of meeting.

      ※When observer violated observance matter, we may have you leave.

About council for past tree planting result

      We can read the minutes of the past council by the following links.




Parks and Greenery Section
Person in charge of tree planting
telephone: 0157-25-1139
facsimile: 0157-25-1262