Mental health check "thermometer of heart"

October 1, 2017

We check mental health with "thermometer of heart"

"Thermometer of heart" is depressed with the stress situation of own heart by answering simple question using cell-phone and PC and can know degree. In addition, we can check stress of important person of family and you. As information of consultation organization is displayed in conjunction with result, please make use for care of heart.


About "thermometer of heart"

 ◆Person mode

 Stress degree and fall degree are displayed by cats seeing goldfish and it which swim in water tank when we have you reply 13 questions of 4 *shiki such as health condition and human relations, living environment of the person.


Person mode 640 X 274px


 ◆Family mode

 We check health condition of heart of important one with eyes of family and person whom there is close.


 ◆Baby mom mode

 We are irritated by after giving birth by sudden change of internal female sex hormone, and depression soninattari is apt to become emotionally unstable. In addition, the new nursing or lack of sleep occur at the same time, and shaking of feelings becomes intense. Please check state of heart in such a case.


 ◆Stress coping type test

 Advice is displayed when we choose your actions to be taken when we felt big stress.


 ◆Alcohol check mode

 Level and advice of alcohol dependence are displayed by checking state of drinking of you or rotation.



 From cell-phone, PC, please access here (you link to outside page of city, and new window opens).

 From cell-phone, the following QR code is available, too.

QR code


  "Thermometer of heart" check start (external link)

  ・Use charges are free, but communication fee is paid by person who is used.







About management of personal information

 We ask about sex, the generation before check start, but do not acquire personal information at all.


Request on using

 ・We do not do medical diagnosis, and judgment of this system is intended to have you interest in health of heart.

 ・When case and cares feeling disorder by trouble and annoyance continue, regardless of result, we recommend that it is talked with Specialized Agencies early.

 ・In consultation counter and the Specialized Agencies, please see this.

 Page of "list of consultation counters"






Health Promotion Section
Person in charge of adult health
telephone: 0157-23-8101