Notice Local hearing (the second) is carried out about plan of Hokkaido crossing Expressway Abashiri Line (Tanno - Takano interval).

June 12, 2018

 By Hokkaido development station Abashiri Development and Construction Department, it is Tannocho, Kitami-shi ... of non-industrialization section among Hokkaido crossing Expressway Abashiri Line

About road planning between Takano, Bihoro-chos, questionary survey to ask about opinion from one where local all of you and road are used carries out

As we would be done, we will tell.



Investigation summary

 Extension approximately 493km that Hokkaido crossing Expressway Abashiri Line reaches Abashiri-shi via Sapporo-shi, Obihiro-shi, Kitami-shi starting from Kuromatsunai-cho

It is high standard highway of this. Shotoshibetsu, Rikubetsu - Kunneppu IC is opened in October, 2017, and Okhotsk area and communication of the Central Hokkaido, Tokachi, Senkon zone function

We plan reinforcement of this and push forward maintenance with the primary objective of support such as efficiency of activation of interchange between areas and distribution.

 This questionnaire deals with plan examination between Tanno, Kitami-shi - Takano, Bihoro-chos, from initial stage of the making of plan to areas reporting

We perform and ask about opinion widely and are questionary survey to carry out as approach to reflect it for plan.


Investigation period

From Monday, June 11, 2018 to Friday, June 29


Investigation method

1.Mail distribution (the local government along the line) of questionnaire questionnaire by random sampling

 Kitami-shi, Bihoro-cho, Ozora-cho, Abashiri-shi


2.Setting of questionnaire questionnaire and collection box

 Kitami-shi government office (Machikita Odori Building the fourth floor)

The fourth floor of Kitami-shi government office guide map


  Bihoro-cho government office /Ozora-cho government office /It is established Abashiri-shi government office / road station in "hill memambetsu of fairy tale".


3.Answer (we can access from Abashiri Development and Construction Department HP) by the Internet


 QR code


Section which is targeted for questionnaire

 Questionary survey section


City Planning Division
Person in charge of highly specified road
telephone: 0157-25-1152