About additional subscription for 2018 Tokoro town development power support subsidies (the offer end)

August 10, 2018

Additional offer was finished.

For local activation, it recruits business to be for as assistance system to support town development activity that "we think by oneself, and everybody practices by oneself" every autonomous district, and each autonomous district decides adoption business. Do you not begin town development activity in everybodies to make our area with us?


1.Offer period

From Friday, August 10, 2018 to Tuesday, October 9 (time in from 8:45 to 17:30) ※Saturday and Sunday are excluded


2.Target business

  1. Health medical care, increase of the welfare
  2. Local tradition, culture, folk art, promotion of sports
  3. Promotion of security, reliable community improvement
  4. Improvement of local living environment, the making of scenery, natural environments maintenance
  5. Healthy upbringing of child
  6. Industrial development that we made use of local characteristic in
  7. Business to build other unique livable communities

※But, regardless of the above business, applicable business does not become a target supporting next.

  1. We receive assistance based on other subsidy programs of Kitami-shi
  2. Business to perform out of Kitami-shi
  3. Business that we step over the year from 2017 through 30 and carry out
  4. Business that carries out an activity that it is like political religious profit
  5. In addition, we admitted that the mayor was not suitable
  6. Business that received this assistance for five years in the past


3.Qualifications, requirements

Being group meeting all the next requirements.

  1. As a general rule, in group organized in five or more, address, office of representative is thing in Kitami-shi
  2. Group where it is admitted that we can perform with responsibility from plan planning of business to results report


  ※But thing to raise next is excluded.

  1. Group having juridical person
  2. Group for the purpose of political activity, religious activity and for-profit activity
  3. Neighborhood association, residents' association and the coalition


4.Supporting contents

Supporting rate does the ceiling with (zanyosan 501,000 yen) that is within range of budget with less than 1 million yen more than 50,000 yen with less than nine-tenths of supporting target expense.

 ※Supporting rate falls supporting percentage every year after the second year less than nine-tenths first year.

※Supporting amount of money may become reduction than the amount of application by result of examination.


5.Target expense

<< supporting target expense >>

Expense that is necessary directly to practice town development activity.

In addition, business start is possible before decision of supporting adoption if in 2018.

But please be careful as subsidy is not issued in the case of non-adoption.


<< expense that does not become targeted for assistance >>

  1. Expense to maintain offices of group
  2. Expense required for ordinary activity of group
  3. Personnel expenses for group member or remuneration costs
  4. Eating and drinking costs
  5. The acquisition, creation of land, expense of compensation
  6. Equipment purchase costs (but unit price including consumption tax is 30,000 yen or less and removes thing which the mayor recognized as need.)


6.Application method

You fill in predetermined matter in the following style, and please submit required document to application of autonomous district where group is located after attachment.

Application style (word version) (145Bytes)      Application style (pdf version) (220KBytes)

get_adobe_readerWhen you see document of Portable Document Format, "Adobe Reader" of Adobe company (for free) is necessary. One that you do not have clicks the left button, and please download.


7.Necessary documents (style)

  1. Business proposal
  2. Annual activity plan
  3. Business budget book
  4. List of members, the secretariat
  5. Documents exhibition written consent
  6. Terms or the rules of a society
  7. In addition, (the activity results, other documents to order as needed)


8.Examination method, examination day

Town development meeting hears publicly and examines and decides adoption business. By public hearing examination, please perform explanation (presentation) about business summary in application group.

In examination schedule, we notify separately after the application reception desk.



About business that assistance was decided, please display that you receive town development power support subsidy to flyer poster, signboard and carry out.


10.Summary, the point

We can download each style from the following. As the handling point, the application point varies according to autonomous districts, please be careful.


Offer flyer [PDF: 264KB]
Grant summary 232KBytes
Grant summary style

word version (145KBytes) 

pdf version (220KBytes)

The handling point [PDF: 167KB]
The application point [PDF: 98KB]

11.Application, reference

Autonomous district Address
(department in charge)
Phone number Fax
Tokoro 〒093-0292
Tokorocho, Kitami-shi character Tokoro 323
(Tokoro general branch office General Affairs Division)
(0152)54-2113 (0152)54-3887



Tokoro general branch office General Affairs Division
Person in charge of local promotion
telephone: 0152-54-2113
facsimile: 0152-54-3887