It recruits participants of the first child environment watching 2018

July 1, 2018

               The first child environment watching 2018                   

River Recruitment of participantsAquarium

 Child environment watching is intended that we plan uplift of environmental conservation consciousness of the whole Kitami-shi by children each one carrying future Kitami-shi learning about our life and relation with natural environments through field service and facilities visit, and bringing up heart and acting power to value natural environments, and sending the state for all cities.

We see and, at this opportunity, refer to natural environments, and let's learn happily!

  • On the date
    Tuesday, July 31, 2018
    ※When very rough weather is expected in typhoons by the evening on the day before, it is called off.
  • Holding place
    Kitami-shi (Tanno autonomous district)
    ※We establish meeting dissolution place in each autonomous district.
  • Enforcement contents
    Child expeditionary party
    Through the forest exploration, let's learn about forest and the animals and plants!
    Place: Forest of Okhotsk
    Lecturer: Tokoro River forest contact promotion center
    Cooperation: Forest volunteer "meeting of Okhotsk"

    Murmuring school
    Through aquatic observation, let's learn about river and aquatic!
    Place: Small river of Moriuchi of Okhotsk
    Cooperation: Hokuto Kitami High School science club
  • Object
    20 city fourth grader - sixth graders (when we reach capacity, we close)
  • Offer period
    It is Thursday, July 19, 2018 from Wednesday, July 11, 2018
  • Application method reference
    Please propose to Kitami-shi citizen Environment Department Environment Division (telephone 0157-25-1131) on the telephone.
    We accept from 8:45 except Saturday, Sundays and holidays to 17:30.
  • Entrance fee
    Free (please bring lunch, drink respectively) 
  • Guidance flyer
    The first child environment watching 2018 flyer [PDF: 450KB]
  • Sponsorship
    Kitami-shi (Environment Division, Waste and Recycling Affairs section, clean life center)
  • Activity report of the past fiscal year is this

※Child environment watching is three sections (Environment Division, Waste and Recycling Affairs section, clean life center) of projects business about environmental education.