The 22nd incense ryanse Festival

July 5, 2018

Various event "to be fragrant, and to sense flower and fragrance of herb including handicraft corner" bodily that used herb brought up in virgin road among flowers of herb in Ayumi, "herb wedding" to bathe in a large number of civic blessings and park.

In positive damarino of incense ryanse park wrapped in flower and fragrance, please enjoy time wrapped in herb slowly.


  • Date          It is 15:30 from 11:00 on Sunday, July 15, 2018
  • Place          Ichika Kitami ryanse park (Asahi-machi, Kitami-shi Tokoro River riverbed)
  • Sponsorship          Incense ryanse Festival executive committee 
  • The cosponsorship          Town development promotion mechanism to be fragrant, and to color, Kitami Tourism Association, solar energy executive committee
  • Contents          ... stage event ...  

                    11:00     Opening

                    11:30     The community garden letter of thanks presentation ceremony

                    12:00     Herb stage

                                 ・When "we do not see exercises that came" that become healthy with fragrance of peppermint

                                 ・Ray aloha Fra Kitami hula announcement


                    14:00     Herb wedding

                    ... corner event ...

                     Fragrance handmade corner ... herb arrangement, nature craft accessory of herb

                     Sampling, sampling, sale such as dishes using herb dishes demonstration, stand corner ... herb

                     Massage corner ... hand massage of aroma, shoulder massage, baby massage

                     In addition, there are ... peppermint distillation demonstration corner and solar kit work classroom, too!


      We look forward to visit of many people!


State of festival


State Festival state H29 wedding


 Festival whole view


   The incense ryanse Festival executive committee secretariat (Kitami-shi city Construction Department Parks and Greenery Section)

   Phone number 0157-25-1139

   Fax 0157-25-1262



Incense ryanse park


Parks and Greenery Section
Person in charge of tree planting
telephone: 0157-25-1139
facsimile: 0157-25-1262