About bid introduction policy of electricity procurement to affect municipal ownership facilities of Kitami-shi

May 25, 2017

With liberalization of power supply, introduce bid as follows about electricity procurement to use in facilities of city from the viewpoint of cost reduction in Kitami-shi from 2017; made it a principal.


1.Facilities where are targeted for bid
 Facilities which Kitami-shi appoints among municipal ownership facilities of Kitami-shi


2.Contract method of power supply
 We plan long-term continuation contract based on 3 of Local Government Act Article 234


 It is necessary to receive registration as retail electricity company based on 2 rules of Electricity Enterprises Law (1964 law 170th) Article 2 or to receive permission as public power transmission and distribution company based on law Article 3 to enter into Motoichi and power supply contract.


We publish registration method to Kitami-shi competitive bidding participation qualification list in the following page.

2017, 2018 competitive bidding participation qualification application (article) http://www.city.kitami.lg.jp/docs/2016110800025/

The above