Traffic Safety Campaign of the spring holiday making period begins

May 14, 2018

 Traffic Safety Campaign of the holiday making period of the spring of 2018 begins   

 Enforcement period from Tuesday, May 15, 2018 to Thursday, May 24 

 Stop the, traffic accident <Hokkaido which aim, and is reliable by security> 

 In this season, opportunities to go out using car including sightseeing leisure increase, and various industry becomes active, and traffic increases, and the use of two-wheeled vehicle and bicycle increases. We regard road safety as own thing, and let's practice the observance of traffic rules and considerate traffic manner.


   Important point of exercise

    ○Prevention of traffic accident of promotion and walker of use of security of bicycle      

  ○Prevention of traffic accident accompanied with sightseeing, holiday making       

  ○Certain wearing of seat belt car seat in all seats including rear seat      

  ○The extermination of drink-driving  

       Traffic Safety Campaign of the spring holiday making period       Important point of exercise

                Traffic Safety Campaign [PDF: 90KB] of the spring holiday making period                               Important point [PDF: 97KB] of exercise


Civic Life Division
Person in charge of road safety
telephone: 0157-25-3588
facsimile: 0157-57-5162