News of PV system introduction costs assistance system for 2018 house ※We raised and were finished

February 1, 2019

We extend supporting object to home-use rechargeable battery subject to simultaneous setting with sunlight panel from 2016!


PV system introduction costs assistance system for Kitami-shi house

 In Kitami-shi where blue sky of Okhotsk blue spreads through, we are known to the whole country as "town of solar" where the sun which is infinite clean energy pours into brightly.
 We make use of this area characteristic and, in Kitami-shi, establish assistance system to support a part of the fund targeting at area installing PV system for house as approach from 2002 for environmental problems.

Image of PV system


■Summary of supporting system

 Assuming meeting business to establish in subsidy grant summary for person installing PV system in house in Kitami-shi or purchasing PV system house (new thing is best) belonging to from built-for-sale house suppliers in the city, we issue subsidy within the budget.

■Guidance of 2018 business

◎News of subsidy application start◎

Until reception desk period (the third) from Monday, November 5, 2018 to Thursday, January 31, 2019 17:30 (was finished)


It is within the number of offers budget

        (around 42 sunlight panels, around 19 home-use rechargeable batteries)


※We do with the reception desk end as soon as we reach reception desk, offer frame on first-come-first-served basis during the period mentioned above.

  Application documents are one set of ⇒ subsidy style


※Please use thing same as seal which sealed application for results report and payment bill to submit after the construction completion.

    In addition, entry of account number of mistake please be careful that there is not. 


Reception desk period (the first): Until from Wednesday, April 4, 2018 to Friday, July 6 17:30 (was finished)

Reception desk period (the second): Until from Friday, July 13, 2018 to Wednesday, October 31 17:30 (was finished)



Grant summary

PV system introduction costs subsidy grant summary (Portable Document Format) for Kitami-shi house


Reference (supporting application presentation) about supporting system

Kitami-shi government office first share Government building Commercial and industrial sightseeing Department industry promotion section

Telephone (0157) 25-1210 (directly)



Supporting target system

 PV system for house targeted for this system,
   1.There is tide reverse to low-pressure power line and does consecutive system and can conclude light contract with electricity company
   2.Thing with less than 10kW in total value of max power of solar cell more than 2kW
   3.Unused thing (used goods exclude)
   4.Set up in environmental condition of maker designation
   5.It was installed in the year concerned (thing after April 1 is best as for start of construction day)
   6.We install in the city by construction of supplier having office (including office)


  Similarly target teiokiyo*den system,
 1.What is set up with the PV system mentioned above
 2.Being battery which juhoden can make electricity that we are always connected to generation system for house, and the system generates electricity into
 3.There being reverse tide in PV system and power line of electric company to found, and being doing consecutive system. But when sell power; thing by discussion with electric company
 4.Being based on Japanese Industrial Standards or general Battery Association of Japan standard
 5.The totals of accumulation of electricity capacity are more than 1kWh
 6.Unused thing (used goods exclude)
 7.Set up in environmental condition of maker designation
 8.It was installed in the year concerned (thing after April 1 is best as for start of construction day)
 9.We install in the city by construction of supplier having office (including office)

 It is necessary to meet all of this.

 In addition, setting construction of generation system must be completed by the end of February of the year concerned.

  ※When we have received subsidy in the past, we do not become a target.


Amount of money of subsidy

PV system 60,000 yen (fixed amount) for house

teiokiyo*den system     150,000 yen (fixed amount)


Image of PV system


Please refer to industrial promotion section for procedures concrete in detail of supporting system. 


Industrial promotion section
Person in charge of industry, academia and government cooperation
telephone: 0157-25-1210
facsimile: 0157-26-2712