Guidance of Kitami-shi doctor study fund loan system

June 1, 2018

Kitami-shi doctor study fund loan system

 In Kitami-shi, we are carrying out study fund loan system that established return exemption rule to medical institution targeting at duty or which we are going to open in medical students aiming at doctor in the future in Kitami-shi now.

 We support the university student, intern era of person who plays an active part in Kitami-shi. Please examine one of medical student, intern wanting to be contribution to community medicine.

 In addition, please be careful about similar funds subject to duty in one which you cannot use together with loan system.

 It recruits users of 2018. The details, please feel free to contact to post in charge other than the following.


◆Offer essential point

 Summary (occasional offer) of Kitami-shi doctor study fund loan system [PDF: 256KB]

 Guide [PDF: 427KB] of 2018 Kitami-shi doctor study fund loan


◆Loan frame

 Two (2018 offer)


◆Target person, the amount of loan and loan period

Division University student study fund Training fund
Target person University which is in medical course Person who receives the initial clinical training
The amount of loan Monthly basis less than 150,000 yen Monthly basis less than 150,000 yen
Loan period Less than six years Less than two years


◆Exemption of return

 We exempt from the total amount of sum that you should return when you perform duty more than period equivalent during period when we received loan.

 When term is more than 1/2 of loan period, we exempt progressively depending on duty years.


◆Application period (for 2018 offer)

 Until we reach capacity from Friday, June 1, 2018


◆Application method and examination

 ・Please send application and one set of required document (you list in guide) to following presentation.

 ・On application, two joint sureties are necessary. (one assumes legal representative when applicant is minor)

 ・After the examination, we notify applicant of the right or wrong of loan.

   ※You download, and please use.

     Doctor study fund loan application [PDF: 50KB]

     Resume [PDF: 48KB]

     Written oath [PDF: 35KB]


Presentation, reference

〒The third floor of the 090-0046 2-1, Kita-6-jonishi, Kitami-shi, Hokkaido Kitami-shi health center

 Kitami-shi community medicine measures room is addressed

 TEL: 0157-25-1157 FAX: 0157-23-8813



◆Notice matter

 This loan performs loan in conformity with the regulations, rule of Kitami-shi concerned. When application is hoped for, please read guide of loan enough.

 In addition, we do not guarantee user of this system employment to medical institution in Kitami-shi.




Community medicine measures room
telephone: 0157-25-1157