Raise Kitami-shi Community Revitalization Aid in 2017 (emigration concierge); [offer closed]

April 11, 2017

  In city of approximately 120,000 population that 1 city and 3 towns merge Kitami-shi in 2006, and was born, it is located in the eastern part of Hokkaido and carries role of central city in Okhotsk sphere.

It is various areas that overflowed in each charm from "Rubeshibe" and the sea developing in commerce and industry, service industry of Okhotsk sphere led by "Kitami" which is central city, "Tanno" that very large rural district opens beautifully, "Tokoro" which is famous as production center of domestically eminent scallop, forestry, Hayashi Sangyo to mountain, but declining birth rate and the graying advances by urban area transference of youth, and local vitality is decreasing.

On the other hand, the baby boom generation reaches the retirement period, and people hoping for life with person and rich natural environments to hope for emigrating from metropolitan areas to district, and sending the second life increase nationwide.

Therefore it recruits "Kitami-shi emigration concierges" having you work on emigration, domiciliation promotion activity as one means of local promotion!

We are active that senior concierge already from last year publicizes Kitami-shi! We develop new approach and achieve the emigration results. Do you not make your idea form for acquisition of further immigrant, PR of Kitami-shi?

Kitami city   June Tannochokyowa  Scallop fishing 1  Hall, blue flag of "onneyu hot spring" kamurin, kamurin


◆With Community Revitalization Aid

Community Revitalization Aid invites human resources living in urban areas out of the area in area that population decline and depopulation, aging go ahead through and has you engage in regional cooperation activity for a certain period of time and promotes the domiciliation and fixation and is business to plan maintenance and improvement of local vitality.


◆About activity of emigration concierge

 We report activity in city homepage, facebook. Please take what kind of activity you work on into account from now on.

Activity as emigration concierge clicks this

Immigrant exchange meeting  Promotion in metropolitan area   Description of konchan activity        facebook

        ... immigrant exchange meeting ...                 Promotion ... in ... metropolitan areas         ... Community Revitalization Aid monthly ...       ... Community Revitalization Aid facebook

◆Offer summary

(1) District of activity and contents

  Kitami autonomous district (for one person)

      1.Consultation duties to affect emigration domiciliation

   2.We work on PR in effective information dispatch, metropolitan area about emigration domiciliation that utilized SNS

   3.Plan, making of emigration domiciliation promotion PR tool goods

   4.Plan, administration such as city guidance tour, immigrant exchange meeting

(2) Application condition

   1.Which has address in (※) of city area including three major urban areas at the time of application, and moves address, and can settle down in Kitami-shi after the adoption  

    ※Please refer for more information about "city area".

   2.It is almost one 50 years or younger 25 years old or older

   3.One for driving that usually acquires car license, and is daily without trouble

   4.Person who can do general operation (word, Excel, E-mail, SNS) of PC

   5.Person who mind and body are healthy together, and can work faithfully

   6.Which is interested in regional activation, and there is intention to emphasize that local, and can take communication positively

(3) Business period and appointment

   It becomes business until from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2019.

   Appointment plans ... business end on July 1, 2017.   

(4) Reward (as of October 1, 2016)

   Monthly basis 178,200 yen (we include for self-pay such as social insurance)

   ※Other than monthly basis reward, special reward (commutation allowance, term-end allowance) is paid.

(5) Others

   About detailed contents, we list as follows.

Kitami-shi Community Revitalization Aid setting summary [PDF: 144KB]

Recruitment of Kitami-shi Community Revitalization Aid essential point [PDF: 474KB]


  We can download application than the following.

Kitami-shi Community Revitalization Aid application [DOC: 68KB]

Kitami-shi Community Revitalization Aid application [PDF: 152KB]

◆Application period, application method

 Period It is << must arrive until from Friday, March 24, 2017 to Monday, April 10, 2017≫

 Method: You download the application mentioned above, and you mail at the following or, on description of necessary matter case, please bring.



◆Application, reference

1-11, Kita-2-johigashi, Kitami-shi, Hokkaido Kitami-shi plan Finance Department plan policy section

TEL: 0157-25-1103

FAX: 0157-24-1101

mail: kikaku@city.kitami.lg.jp





Plan policy section / line review, administrative reform / comprehensive plan
telephone: 0157-25-1103