Let's reduce "food loss"

November 18, 2016

With food loss

We say food which is thrown away though we are still eaten.

Approximately 6,320,000 tons a year of ingredients are discarded as "garbage" in Japan. About half is given soon by ordinary household. ※1

In addition, approximately 60,000 yen a year is wasted by food loss in investigation that we performed in Kyoto-shi in four households, too. ※2

There is merit in not only environmental aspect to reduce quantity of disposal of food but also family budget side if we can reduce food loss at home.

※Than 1 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries "food loss 2013 estimation level"

※2 Kyoto garbage clearly than information building "garbage data of Kyoto-shi" 

Why does food loss occur?

"Point of reduction purchases only necessary quantity, and comment of eco-Ron is to finish eating."

Food loss from home is greatly divided into three factors.

  1. We are discarded before appreciation, expiry date when mold which has rotted occurred having expired, and eating (the direct disposal)
  2. In the case of cooking, it is eliminated to part which we can eat excessively (the excessive removal)
  3. We leave without being able to finish eating (leftover)

Food loss breakdown

    ※Than Consumer Affairs Agency "food loss reduction enlightenment document"             ※Than Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries "leftover food statistics survey"

Have us

1. We understand "the expiration date" definitely

As for the deadline for indication of food, there are "expiration date" and two kinds of "expiry date".

  • "The expiration date" is "time limit when we can eat deliciously".
  • "Expiry date" is "time limit when we can eat safely".

It is not not to be able to eat immediately even if it is past the expiration date. It is important to determine whether you are eaten by oneself before discarding.

But let's keep in mind to be time limit of "it is before opening", and to eat after the opening early in the expiration date.

  About deadline for indication of food

※From Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries "deadline for indication of food"

2. We convert if we remain / to use up ingredients well

  • We check the refrigerator before shopping and will buy as much as it is necessary.
  • Ingredients to use immediately will buy thing exhibited toward you.
  • We give priority to left thing, and let's cook.
  • We will make day to arrange ingredients left in refrigerators.
  • Let's cook using stem or peel of vegetables. As there are many vegetables which much nourishment is included in to burdock, carrot, skin including ginger, as well as weight loss of garbage, it is healthy and is good.
  • If dishes remain, we will convert into remake dishes. Not only we reduce garbage, but also can omit time and trouble of cooking.

Please see "formal kitchen of Consumer Affairs Agency" in dishes recipe site "COOKPAD" if troubled with menu and dishes method.

"Formal kitchen of Consumer Affairs Agency" URL: http://cookpad.com/kitchen/10421939

3. We finish eating by eating out together

  • Quantity that can eat to person each. In addition, we change by physical condition on the day. Let's order quantity that we can finish eating.
  • Let's enjoy cooking without leaving after the toast by dinner meeting immediately.
  • We come back to own seat before the closing, and let's enjoy cooking again.
  • When there are many case and quantity that thing which we do not like belongs under, let's share to the neighbor.

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