Roadside tree of Kitami-shi

February 9, 2017

Toru Yamashita road (cherry blossoms) Three-wheeled path road (Ulmus Davidiana)

                Toru Yamashita                                 Authority of Miwa 

Role of roadside tree

 Smooth traffic that roadside tree plans protection of comfortable living environment and creation of good road scenery, and security of road wins

It is road installations necessary to find.


Improvement in scenery function (function to create clean cityscape)

 ・We harmonize road with neighboring scenery, vegetation

 ・We make road scenery beautiful and can view


Living environment protection function (function to protect comfortable living environment)

 ・We protect car from strong sunlight with people

 ・We prevent influence of wind, snow, smoke harm (exhaust gas)


Road safety function (function to secure smooth road traffic by security)

 ・From traffic lane fly, and absorb shock of oxcart with kimonos protruding from behind the screen (and ensure the security of walker)

 ・Direction confirmation of the present position of driver

 ・Eyes instruction of driver


Disaster prevention function (function to restrain reduction, expansion of damage at the time of disaster)

 ・We weaken force of blizzard

 ・Prevention of spread of fire at the time of fire



Maintenance of roadside tree

 As citizen's precious property, to show function to have of roadside tree enough, and to maintain healthy, beautiful tree,

Other than periodical patrol and pruning, it is the risk of fallen tree for securing of security, reliable road environment in some cases

We perform removal of roadside tree becoming trouble in a certain withering and being damaged tree and road safety of this.


Main maintenance work that we carry out



 Withering and being damaged tree, roadside tree that the pruning is necessary to find safety of traffic of vehicle and walker including early detection of dangerous tree

There is not or carries out patrol regularly.

 In addition, branch which confirmed the damage situation as needed when typhoon and heavy rain, blizzard occurred, and was broken

For removal such as this or fallen tree, we carry out urgent patrol.


The pruning

 Because it is necessary to secure constant space so that there is not with trouble of vehicle and walker in the road, we cut branch

After checking nado, the local situation, we carry out the pruning work premeditatedly once in several years.


Removal of withering and being damaged tree, dangerous tree

 Withering and being damaged tree, dangerous tree which cannot anticipate recovery for reasons of the damage in progress of number of years after plant by fallen trees human

And we make removal (felling) immediately because we may bring material damage.


Management such as tree planting zone, tree planting measure

 We carry out mowing and weeding in tree planting zone, tree planting measure using 1-2 times as an indication based on the local situation sequentially at appropriate time in year

We are doing. In addition, we perform garbage picking around tree planting zone, the tree planting measure regularly.


Requests such as fallen leaves for cleaning

 To who lives in roadside and the outskirts of roadside tree every year that tree leaf which changed color dies before long and falls nuisance

We have a seat, but I would like understanding, cooperation for fallen leaves cleaning.



Roadside tree redevelopment plan

 We create beautiful scenery as green of city area, and roadside tree protects comfortable living environment and plays a variety of roles

On the other hand, several decades pass after was planted, troubles such as rot, fallen tree by old lignification and great lignification, roots above ground of the sidewalk

Example to cause comes to be frequent, and increase of administrative expense is anticipated and keeps roadside tree original role and figure

Thing becomes difficult.

 Based on such situation, secure security, reliable traffic environment in Kitami-shi in March, 2016, of maintenance cost

For the purpose of performing reduction, appropriate maintenance as enforcement policy for problem and guideline of future maintenance,

We devised "Kitami-shi roadside tree redevelopment plan".

 Based on plan, we will push forward correspondence and maintenance of problem in future.



      Kitami-shi roadside tree redevelopment plan cover

   Kitami-shi roadside tree redevelopment plan [PDF: 6MB]

  Main maintenance policy (concrete approaches)


   ・The pruning

   ・Removal of withering and being damaged tree, dangerous tree

   ・Removal of roadside tree becoming trouble in road safety

   ・Improvement of roots above ground point

   ・Update of roadside tree

   ・Maintenances that cooperated with area


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