About roasted meat in park

July 29, 2016


  ★ About roasted meat in park                                                                                                                                 

   In city park in Kitami-shi, we do not prohibit roasted meat.                              Barbecue

   But please consider the following instructions so that everybody uses "park" comfortably.


   ※Case that the use adjustment with other users produces when we perform in a great number of people (more than 20 people)

      As there is, I would like procedure of "act application" at Parks and Greenery Section window.



[instructions when we grind roasted meat in park]


  ▼The handling of fire

   ・Management (you perform fire extinguishing surely, and please take charcoal which burns, and was left home with responsibility) of cause

   ・Please use fried stands with legs not to burn turf (grass). (prohibition of open fire)


  ▼About place of roasted meat in park

   ・Please refrain from roasted meat in arbor (arbor) and outdoor table and bench (table).

   ・In Tokiwa Park, we put up signboard and limit place of roasted meat. (open space of the parking lot side) please cooperate.


     ▼Take-outs such as garbage

   ・Please take garbage and charcoal, thing which you brought in including fried stand to go by each person by all means.


   ▼Consideration to other park users

    ・As "place collecting" with rope or stake becomes annoying to other park users, you are not expected.

    ・Drinking fountain and toilet are not kitchens. As become annoying to other park users, net

    Please refrain from "the washing" such as dishes.


   ▼Consideration to neighborhood inhabitants

    ・In early morning or the night, please do not be excited about loud voice.

    ・Please do not do parking and on-the-street parking except place (parking lot) that you were able to decide.


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