Recycling of guide home electric appliance of Rubeshibe autonomous district garbage classification

December 8, 2016

  • Home TV (cathode-ray tube TV, LCD television plasma television), refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, clothing dryer, air-conditioner is required to recycle by law.
  • We cannot bring these home electric appliances into refuse disposal facilities of Kitami-shi as "garbage".
  • When disused, you deliver to manufacturer through store, designation taking care of place, and please work appropriately (recycling rates are necessary).


Method of processing

 Replacement by purchase

  • Have store purchasing new product leave.


Recycling rate

Collection charge for the delivery

Other than replacement by purchase

  • Have store which purchased the product before leave.
  • When you are difficult, please ask company with collection permission to carry.

 ※ Collection of Rubeshibe autonomous districts transportation permission supplier

   Endo 134, Rubeshibechokamimachi, Kitami-shi telephone 42-3508

 ※ We can ask electric shop in Rubeshibe autonomous district.

We carry to designated taking care of place by oneself

  • We carry to the following designation taking care of place after the communication.
  1. We confirm product maker and transfer household appliances recycling rate at post office and receive recycling ticket.
  2. With recycling ticket, we carry to designated taking care of place.


Recycling rate
Transfer fee


Designation taking care of place


Saito store

12, Hoji, Kitami-shi

telephone: 0157-36-5544

 Air water distribution Bihoro Office

Bihoro-cho, Abashiri-gun character 104-27, Koya

telephone: 0152-73-4233


List of recycling rates (it includes consumption tax)


Recycling rate

(cathode-ray tube
Liquid crystal,
Plasma type)

Lower than 15 type

1,836 yen

More than 16 type

2,916 yen


170 liters or less

3,672 yen

More than 171 liters

4,644 yen

 Washing machine

2,484 yen

Clothing dryer

2,484 yen


   972 yen


※ Household appliances recycling ticket center announces recycling rate mentioned above, and rate may vary according to makers. Please confirm on homepages.

※ When we have store leave, other than recycling rate, it takes collection charge for the delivery. Please inquire for rate directly.

※ Household appliances recycling ticket center homepage (


Rubeshibe general branch office citizen Environment Division
Person in charge of environmental hygiene
telephone: 0157-42-2110